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CM Punk On Why He Doesn’t Watch WWE Nowadays

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• CM Punk On Why He Doesn’t Watch WWE Nowadays

During a recent appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, CM Punk was asked if he still watches WWE.

Here’s what Punk replied:

“No, I had to watch it a little bit when I was an analyst for FOX. But I mean…hmm, how do I say this diplomatically?

Um, no, I think they’ve got some people who are super awesome and great in the ring, but you know, nothing grabs me to get me to want to watch.

I’m getting ‘a little long in the tooth’ now. And I would much rather uplift and show love to things I like than to tear anything down. You know, you can’t say that what they’re doing is wrong. They are the most profitable they’ve ever been since their inception, so who am I to say…you know what I mean?

Like…it’s ice cream, there’s 31,000 flavors, everybody gets their favorite, I just don’t like vanilla.”

Punk last wrestled for WWE in 2014 and he’s rumored to debut in AEW next week.

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW/WWF Veteran “Travis” Chad Fortune turns 54 today.

If you watched the World Wrestling Federation in 1995-1996, you’re certainly going to remember ‘Tekno Team 2000’ featuring him as Travis, who teamed up with Eric Watts (as Troy).

In 1997, he joined Ted Turner’s WCW as a singles wrestler but never made it above the status of a jobber to the stars.

After Chad Fortune’s pro wrestling career didn’t take off, he quit the sport and got into Monster Truck driving.


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