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CM Punk Says WWE Executive That Didn’t Get Him Was Racist

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During a recent appearance on Renee Young’s Oral Sessions podcast, AEW wrestler CM Punk talked about some WWE Executive not liking him and not getting what he did.

Punk said that if fans are reacting to someone, then they shouldn’t be buried just because some executives didn’t get it.

Here’s what Punk said:

“So when I got over, so to speak, there very much was a contingent that was ‘he’s one of us now. Watch us bury everybody!’ And I would be going, ‘nah man. That sucks. That’s not cool.’ And they’d be like, ‘oh.’ I love Jim (Ross), I do. But I think too often there’s, ‘I don’t get it, get it off TV.’

I’ll use Orange Cassidy (as an example). That’s a thing that I look at and go, ‘I don’t get it.’ But I listen to the people, and they react to him and they like him. So I’m like, ‘f**k yeah.’ Why would we throw that in the garbage?

It just reminds me of when I showed up there and those same people were like, ‘I don’t get it.’ And I was like, ‘well, you’re 65 and you’re racist. I guess I’m super stoked that I’m not for you and you don’t get it.’

It’s not for me to get. It’s for the audience to get. And I think the culture for too long has generated this opinion that is just parroted by fans. And it’s like, draw your own conclusions.

I don’t like stuff because somebody else likes it. I like what I like. And if somebody else doesn’t like it, that doesn’t influence my opinion on that either way.”

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