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CM Punk Threatens To Sue A Journalist (Details)

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Former WWE Champion & current AEW Superstar CM Punk is threatening to sue pro-wrestling journalist Billi Bhatti over a meme & T-Shirt that accuses Punk of being a pedophile.

Bhatti said neither did he create the meme, nor is he selling the T-Shirts.

Below is what he said on his podcast:

“I recently received a letter letting me know that CM Punk, Phil Brooks, intended to sue me.

So he’s using me on the grounds of mainly a tweet and responses to said tweet and a satirical meme I posted but it insinuates that I created the meme and selling the t-shirts that are being sold on the internet.

There are actually t-shirts being sold for this. I did not create the meme. I did not sell the t-shirt.

They want to pretend in this piece of paperwork that I deliberately made these comments to hurt CM Punk. Now, if I deliberately said these comments, that means that I deliberately wanted to damage the reputation of CM Punk.

As we move forward with this, they asked for an apology at the end of the letter, where they want me to retract the comments and even admit that I deliberately tried to insult and defame CM Punk.

This is not the case because, as we just established, I feel this way. Everything I said is genuinely what I think. It is my opinion.

Even to the point where you make the comment where I say, ‘he’s not man enough to be a dad.’ These are my beliefs.

I genuinely believe that if you have the money, and you have the capability to have a child, you should have a child. That’s what we are here to do. We are here to recreate.”

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