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CM Punk To Join The NWA?

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During a recent interview with ‘Mat Men’, NWA owner Billy Corgan talked about the possibility of former WWE Champion CM Punk wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance.

Corgan stated that he didn’t reach out to Punk yet, as he’s a top star who will cost way too much money, but they would most certainly be open for him if he wants to have some fun, rather than earning big money.

Here’s what Billy had to say about CM Punk:

“That man loves professional wrestling. He may not love the professional wrestling business, but he loves professional wrestling.

My only appeal to Punk would be, if you want to have some fun, I can’t pay you what you’re worth, but if you want to have some fun, come have some fun in the NWA.

We’ll kick some a$$, we’ll have some laughs, and I’ll buy you a vegan sandwich.”

CM Punk was fired from World Wrestling Entertainment in 2014 after he walked out of the company. He then tried MMA but that didn’t work out very well for him as he lost both his fights in the UFC.

In 2021, Punk joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling and won the AEW World Title twice in 2022 (and got injured during both reigns), but was suspended due to a backstage brawl.

He returned to television in 2023, but was fired in September after another violent backstage incident at the All In UK pay-per-view.

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