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CM Punk To Return At Royal Rumble 2024?

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CM Punk was released by AEW earlier this year, making him a notable free agent in the wrestling market. Despite speculation about his potential return to WWE, Eric Bischoff argued on his podcast that WWE doesn’t need Punk due to their strong television ratings.

While the upcoming Survivor Series premium-live-event in Chicago might seem like a fitting venue for his return, Bischoff believes a WrestleMania (40) comeback is more likely, considering the event’s larger scale and significance, with his second run in the company starting at Royal Rumble 2024 (10 years after he left).

Here’s what the 2021 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“They don’t really need it for Survivor Series in Chicago. It’s already a sell-out and they don’t need him. WWE doesn’t need him.

Now, Royal Rumble going into WrestleMania, I could buy that as a possibility, because it makes sense. They don’t need Punk.

There is absolutely zero need for him. However, that surge you would get, the buzz going into WrestleMania.

That is a period of time that you want every bit of buzz that you can get, but I don’t think it will happen in Chicago.”

While CM Punk is hinting at future involvement in both All Elite Wrestling and Survivor Series, he is not part of WWE’s current plans.

His return to WWE isn’t seen as necessary for the company’s current momentum at all, which creates a lot of uncertainty about a potential role at Survivor Series on November 25th.

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