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Cody Rhodes Comments On Reports Of CM Punk Asking For A Huge Amount Of Money From AEW

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• ON THIS DAY IN WCW HISTORY (July 14, 1991) – WCW Main Event

On this day in 1991, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Main Event’.

This episode featured pre-taped matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW The Great American Bash 1991’ PPV, that took place later on the same day.

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Diamond Studd vs. Scotty Williams

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• Cody Rhodes Comments On Reports Of CM Punk Asking For A Huge Amount Of Money From AEW

While speaking to talkSPORT, AEW EVP and TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes, commented on former WCW wrestler Konnan saying that CM Punk asked AEW for a huge amount of money to work for them.

Below is what he said:

“I like Konnan a lot. He’s kind of my AAA buddy. He’s a really smart, smart guy. I wish I could spend a little more time with Konnan – I know I’m waxing poetic on Konnan here but I think he’s a really great guy.

As far as the CM Punk negotiations go, everyone heard the famous ‘he got a text from us’. Yeah, of course there were negotiations and he did ask for a great amount of money and Punk is worth a great deal of money.

But you also have to – and this isn’t speaking to Punk specifically, this is speaking to recruitment and what we’ve learned in wrestling in general – a lot of people think ‘these wrestlers are running this wrestling company’.

These wrestlers are doing everything they can to run the creative, the brand and the marketing and things, but there are some very smart and fiscally conservative people who surround us and flank us because this isn’t my money. At all.

And I don’t want a situation that happened with WCW or Jim Crockett promotions where we think we’re flying so high that we can do anything. No – this is a business. And we have to turn a profit.

The fact we were able to turn a profit as a company within only two years of being alive, very few other companies within wrestling – it’s real limited, you can count on one hand who’s been able to do that versus who has bled money – but in that situation the negotiations, I don’t think they ever got too serious.

Doesn’t mean they won’t one day, but they never got entirely too serious. I think there is a good relationship there. I think I have a good relationship with Phil, I believe Tony [Khan] does too and I’m not sure really when it comes to him, it’s not so much about the money. It’s about are you interested in doing this?

Because the price tag becomes a lot more justifiable if you’re genuinely interested in what we’re doing at the high speed we’re doing it. And again, that’s not even specific to him, just in general, if the passion is not there, the money is not there.”

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