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Cody Rhodes Comments On WrestleMania 40 Rumors After SmackDown

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In the dark main event after last night’s SmackDown, Cody Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura.

After the match, Cody indirectly addressed the WrestleMania 40 rumors involving Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and The Rock, and said he plans on winning the Royal Rumble two years in a row and finally becoming a World Champion in WWE this year.

Here’s what The American Nightmare said:

“I’ve done a few silly things. But all of them were in the efforts to give this city, the town, the community that raised me something to remember. When you’re home, you share things that only you would share at home.

Here’s one. There is only one thing that makes me tired of coming home. The only thing that makes me tired when coming home is coming home empty-handed. I think we need to change that.

I am not immune to all the news, everything that’s happening, what will happen, what won’t happen. All I can tell you is this. I’m the right man for the job. I’m the best man for the job.

I’m heading into the Royal Rumble, I’m gonna go back-to-back, and I’m gonna bring a championship back home to Atlanta.”

You can watch it below:

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