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Cody Rhodes On If He’s Responsible For Talent Leaving AEW For WWE

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New Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes was the first wrestler to leave AEW for WWE and the next big name to follow him was Jade Cargill.

Cargill’s first feud in AEW was against Cody and Brandi Rhodes back in 2020.

Cody has a good relationship with many wrestlers in AEW, so there has been speculation about him possibly playing a part in some AEW talent wanting to leave All Elite Wrestling for WWE.

The American Nightmare was asked about his involvement in WWE signing AEW talent during the Fastlane Press Conference.

Here’s what he said:

“Full disclosure. Uce and I may have had a libation or two on the bus. That said, I was very excited for her to make this jump and very proud. Jade came from the Nightmare Factory, but I didn’t train her. I’m going to tell people in the future when I write my book, maybe I did. QT Marshall set her up and trained her and helped her to get the spot where she took this big leap.

I’m just very proud. Now, the work begins. There is a mindset here at WWE that did not exist, maybe it did and I didn’t notice it, but didn’t exist when I was here the first time and it is the most team-minded group that I’ve ever seen as far as the show comes together.

This is an individual business, it’s tricky, it’s political, it’s show business. That team mindset, what we have, has proved to be so fruitful. Now, I just hope she can rise to the challenge and occasion. I think, for sure, she’ll be able to.

It’s not going to be my job to be the liaison to my former peers or whomever. I would hope everyone does what’s right for them. It’s what’s right for you.”

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