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Cody Rhodes Recalls The Worst Match Of His WWE Career

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• Cody Rhodes Recalls The Worst Match Of His WWE Career

Cody Rhodes won the Men’s Royal Rumble match earlier this year and is now going to main event WrestleMania 39 in a few weeks, where he will challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

During an interview on HOT 106 with Mike D, Cody recalled the worst match of his career, which took place during his first run with WWE.

Below is the story, as told by The American Nightmare himself:

“There is a legendary wrestler, now he’s a producer, [Vice President], writer, Michael Hayes. He was in charge of whatever I was doing that night, I believe it was a three-segment tag match.

I don’t know if it was being young, arrogant, or braggart. He asked me what we were going to do out there and I legitimately snorted pre-workout to be funny. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was a very strong pre-workout.

I did it and I told him, ‘it doesn’t matter what we do out there, we’re going to tear the roof off this place.’ Famous last words. Then disaster struck.

In the first segment of the three segments. One guy got kicked below the waist twice. That was Bad News Barrett. Tried real hard to get back to where we were, got kicked below again.

The next thing you know, Daniel Bryan hits a dropkick in the corner and Ted DiBiase Jr gets pinned. Doesn’t get up. That’s in one segment. Two segments (not filled) on television that we’re supposed to do something, there was a lot of frustration.

I rolled to the outside realizing this was probably the worst match in history [of the arena]. Rolled to the outside, tried to salvage it, told the guy next to me, ‘We should go in there and jump him. Let’s jump him.’

By the time I finished saying that, he was so angry, I turned to look back and he was already marching to the back, Bad News Barrett, furious over this terrible segment. Okay, we’re not jumping.

I walk to the back, there’s Vince (McMahon) standing up, headset off, you know you’re in trouble. Ted thought he kicked out, he looked at him and before Vince could yell at us, he said, ‘Where is that referee? He was trying to [f**k] on us.’ The way he worded it, everyone was staring at him.

There is no justice in this, the referee, Rod Zapata, he’s still with WWE, great referee. Vince called him over, ‘Hey ref, you were totally out of position.’ He’s validating Ted. He said, ‘I know sir, but on covers that face the hard camera, I can’t block the hard cam.’

Vince put the headset back on, ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ sat back down, Ted was stewing, Wade is punching a wall, I told Michael we were going to tear the roof off, Michael is shaking his head.

The worst part of it all, in the worst match I ever had in the history of my time at WWE, the worst part of it all, we thought they would edit it a little bit.

I watched it all happen back. It’s like somebody in the office said, ‘Just let these young guys know they suck. They’re not tearing the roof off.’ I made up for it when I came back for Backlash (2022), last time I was here (at the same arena), I had a great match with Seth Rollins.”

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