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Cody Rhodes Reveals Major WWE Plan That Got Cancelled For Him

Cody Rhodes

• Old School WWF Legend Celebrates Her Birthday

Legendary Old School WWF Attitude Era Diva Trish Stratus (Real name: Patricia Anne Stratigeas) celebrates her 44th birthday today.

Trish joined the World Wrestling Federation in 2000 as the valet for T&A, a tag team consisting of Test & Albert, but went on the wrestle for the Women’s Championship, a title that she held 7 times over the years.

She ended up becoming the #1 diva of the famous Attitude Era and also the Ruthless Aggression Era, which is why Trish was honored in 2013 by Stephanie McMahon inducting her into the WWE Hall of Fame.


• Cody Rhodes Reveals Major WWE Plan That Got Cancelled For Him

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Cody Rhodes talked about his time in WWE and Alex mentioned that he thought Cody should’ve won the Money In The Bank contract in 2013.

Cody then revealed that he was actually scheduled to win the Money In The Bank ladder match twice.

Below is what Cody said:

“I’m so far removed now I can give you a little bit of detail on this, and I hold no grudges and I’m not sour over it. But the two years prior to that Money in the Bank [in 2013], I was told I was winning Money in the Bank.

This is two years in a row. Two years in a row I was told in advance I was winning Money in the Bank and both times, it changed on the day. On the actual day.

So, if you guys ever wonder why I get a little spicy every now and then – that’s a life-changing decision that you’re prepared for that then changes. You have to have very thick skin in wrestling sometimes, mine’s not that thick.”

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