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Cody Rhodes Reveals Why He Wouldn’t Go Off On Randy Orton For Taking A Shot At The Bullet Club On SmackDown Live

Randy Orton World Heavyweight Champion 2004

• WWE Cruiserweight Champion Reveals One Negative Aspect Of Being On 205 Live

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Illustrated where he discussed the downside of working on 205 Live.

He thinks that the 205 Live Superstars don’t get the chance to work with superstars of RAW and SmackDown Live due to being a part of the cruiserweight division.

He listed several superstars on the main roster he wishes he can work with. Below is what he said:

“That [not being able to wrestle RAW & Smackdown Superstars] is the downside of being a 205 Live guy. We are so exclusive. That does suck. How else can you say it? I would love to go in there and wrestle Seth Rollins and AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler and so on and so forth. But, with the division being separated like that, it does put a big obstacle in the way.

I wish we could somehow inter-brand, as far as that goes, and mix in the cruiserweights with the other guys. But it’s hard to pick which one is more valuable in the long run – being able to intertwine with the other guys, or having your own bubble to experiment in.”

• Cody Rhodes Reveals Why He Wouldn’t Go Off On Randy Orton For Taking A Shot At The Bullet Club On SmackDown Live

While cutting a promo on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live, 13 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton took a shot at the Bullet Club for using the “Too Sweet” gesture.

Below is what Orton said:

“I’m not some indy darling that competed in run-down bingo halls and I didn’t steal some sweet hand gesture either.”

You can watch it below:

A fan asked Cody Rhodes to go off on Orton for his comments on SmackDown Live, but Cody refused to. Below is their Twitter exchange:

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