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“Complete Delusion” – Steve Austin On CM Punk Saying He Would Beat Austin Quickly

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• “Complete Delusion” – Steve Austin On CM Punk Saying He Would Beat Austin Quickly

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk did a Q&A on Twitter recently.

A fan asked Punk if him facing WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would’ve been the greatest match of all time.

“#askpunk back in 13-14 you almost fought @steveaustinBSR do you think that would of been the greatest match of all time?”

Here’s what Punk replied:

“Would’ve been short. GTS, 1 2 3.”

Bleacher Report covered this and Austin didn’t believe Punk said that. Here’s what Austin tweeted:

“Horsesh*t. @CMPunk Punk didn’t say that. Y’all made that sh*t up.”

Punk then agreed with Austin and posted the following:

“I’d never say that. Steve is right. Gimme an oh hell yeah.”

Austin then read Punk’s original tweet and had the following to say about it:

“I see. @CMPunk You did say that. Damn. Complete delusion. I had us at a 60 minute time limit match at the Rosemont Horizon. Right there in Chicago. Chi Town. The Windy City. Helluva match. Caught you with a Stunner at 59:56. You did not kick out. Bottom line. 💀💀💀 “

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On this day in Pro Wrestling history on February 14, 1986, CWF Championship Wrestling From Florida aired ‘NWA Battle of the Belts 2’ LIVE from the Eddie Graham Sports Arena in Orlando, Florida.

This was the second of 3 ‘NWA Battle of the Belts’ events, promoted by the CWF promotion.

The results from that night:

NWA Florida Bahamian Heavyweight Title: Tyree Pride (c) defeated Ron Slinker

NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship: Kendall Windham (c) defeated Rocky Iaukea

NWA Junior Heavyweight Title: Denny Brown (c) defeated The White Ninja

NWA Southern Heavyweight Title: Lex Luger defeated Jesse Barr (c)

Bruiser Brody wrestled Wahoo McDaniel to a draw

Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan wrestled Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin, & Maya Singh to a draw

NWA World Heavyweight Title: Ric Flair (c) wrestled Barry Windham to a draw

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