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Complete Highlights From Vince McMahon’s Interview On The Pat McAfee Show

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• Complete Highlights From Vince McMahon’s Interview On The Pat McAfee Show

WWE CEO Vince McMahon appeared on The Pat McAfee Show today. This was Vince’s first live interview in 15 years.

Below are the highlights from this interview:

– Vince said everything WWE does is calculated and is done by very smart people.

– He used to care about what people think about him, but he doesn’t anymore. It used to bother him at first, but you need to understand that not everyone (fans, media) can understand you.

– Vince said he calls WWE “Sports Entertainment” instead of “Pro-Wrestling” because he wants WWE to be different than everybody.

– Vince didn’t know World Wildlife Fund existed.

– Vince revealed that he will induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame.

– Talking about The Undertaker’s loyalty, Vince revealed that him and Taker never had a conversation about Undertaker leaving for WCW.

– Vince said that inducting The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame will be one of the most difficult things in his life. Pat asked why and Vince said he loves Taker. He got a little emotional while talking about their 30+ year relationship. Vince said Mark Calaway is an extraordinary human being and is someone who has been loyal, trustworthy and reliable for 3 decades.

– Vince says this is not work for him, because he loves doing it.

– He brings wrestlers back (even if he had heat with them) for the fans.

– Making WWE a public company helped Vince become a better businessman.

– WrestleMania 1 meant a lot to Vince. It was a big moment for him.

– Vince enjoys physical confrontations.

– Vince works out more for his mental health than his physical health.

– Common Sense is a big part of every decision in WWE.

– Vince loves branding. He thought what has never been used before? That’s when he came up with the “Stupendous” tagline for WrestleMania 38.

– Pat asked Vince if he will live forever. Vince said his mother lived till 101. Vince wants to have one second before he dies where he can say thank you.

– Vince offered Pat an opportunity to wrestle at WrestleMania 38. Pat accepted the offer and Vince said he will find an opponent for him. Pat asked if this is a reality and Vince said he doesn’t bullsh*t.

– Vince said he calls wrestlers in WWE “Superstars” because anybody can wrestle (good or poor), but the acting & character part is also involved.

– Vince credited the WWE Superstars for working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Vince likes Pat’s work on commentary and antics.

– Vince called Brock Lesnar smart.

– Vince lives for the pressure, the excitement.

– “Horrible Human Being” – Vince McMahon on Michael Cole being in the company for 25 years (joke).

– Vince still gets excited before every show.

– Vince had a lot of learning disabilities, but there were no names for them then. He was bad at School and didn’t like it.

– Vince said it takes talent to blow both of your quads at the same time (Royal Rumble 2005).

– Vince had neck, triceps, spine and many other surgeries. Pat asked if those injuries are from driving in his Corvette. Vince laughed and said it’s a combination of things.

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