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Complete Match-Card For WrestleMania 34 Revealed + More WrestleMania News

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - WrestleMania 34 Main Event For Universal Championship

We’re 4 weeks away from WrestleMania 34 and we already have some important information available regarding WrestleMania 35! Let’s take a look at 11 important updates regarding WrestleMania 34 & WrestleMania 35:

11. Brock Lesnar Wants To Re-Sign With WWE, But WWE Not Interested

The Dirty Sheets have finally revealed the real reason behind Universal Champion Brock Lesnar not appearing on Raw for a face-to-face confrontation with his WrestleMania 34 opponent, Roman Reigns, despite being advertised. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman were is Las Vegas and Lesnar was there a day early to have a discussion regarding a new deal with WWE. However, Vince McMahon wanted Lesnar to sign a mini-extension because if Lesnar worked all the Live Events & RAWs that he’s scheduled to work this month, then he would be doing more dates than he’s currently signed to.

However, Lesnar noted that he wouldn’t sign any deal to work 4 extra dates and that he is interested in working out a new multi-year contract. Vince then asked Lesnar if he had any dealings with the jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez (who’s working with filmaker Jon Bravo and he’s planning to release evidence of Roman Reigns being in contact with the steroid dealer).

Lesnar admitted that he had some dealing with Rodriguez and this led to Vince saying that they can’t offer Lesnar any new deal until they see what Jon Bravo releases and if he has any evidence regarding Lesnar. Dirty Sheets’ sources are telling them that this was WWE’s way of “hiding” behind this steroid dealer situation as they aren’t interested in offering a fresh deal to Lesnar because they feel they have done everything they can with “The Beast Incarnate”.

This made Lesnar angry and he pointed out the irony of Triple H being on steroids and reportedly said the following while pointing at Triple H:

“You think that’s a reason, when this motherf*cker gets on the f*cking Arnolds for every Mania!”

Vince & Heyman calmed down Lesnar and the meeting ended with nothing being signed. Lesnar then went home without informing the WWE and no-showed on RAW because he thought it was acceptable to miss RAW if he fulfills the total number of dates he’s contracted to work.

With nothing getting signed, Lesnar will only be available for a limited amount of dates on the Road to WrestleMania 34.

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