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WWE Commentator Reveals Why He Took Major Shots At CM Punk After UFC 225 Loss

Corey Graves Takes Major Shots At CM Punk After UFC 225 Loss

• Rusev Comments On Naming His Dog After His Best WWE Friend

During a recent interview with TV+, SmackDown Live Superstar Rusev talked about how he met Lana, marrying Lana twice, his best friend in WWE, naming his dog after Sheamus & more.

Below are the highlights:

On how he met Lana:

“I got to meet her since day one when I started in WWE. After that, Dusty Rhodes, god rest his soul, who was at working as a creative director at that time, put us together because of her speaking perfect russian. She used to live in Latvia for 12 years and she is very beautiful. That’s how we got to start working, training and spending a lot of time together. Things just happened naturally.”

On marrying Lana twice:

“Oh, both were very different. In Malibu was nice. We were on the beach, there were ferris wheels and other stuff that reminded me of the circus. The thing was that at 11 PM they are turning off the lights and you have wrap up and go home. Here, in Bulgaria, you know how are weddings are. Everyone was blown away! We had a lot of guests from the US and everyone was mesmerized.”

On his best friend in WWE:

“Sheamus! No… I’ll have to say Lana first, because she’s gonna get mad at me if I don’t. After her, It’s Sheamus.”

On naming his dog after Sheamus:

“Yes, my parents named our dog after Sheamus and he was very honored. It was very emotional for him and even cried.”

On how they became such close friends:

“Probably on our European Tour two years ago when we went to his house in Ireland. But I think our friendship might have happened when we were in League of Nations. But I’m sure that my visit to his home in Ireland gave the start of our friendship. Now he lives 5 minutes away from my house in Nashville.”

On if he would leave WWE for other promotions:

“I love the place I’m in right now and I don’t consider anything else .. except a Bulgarian movie career [laughs].”

• WWE Commentator Reveals Why He Took Major Shots At CM Punk After UFC 225 Loss

As we noted in our CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson UFC 225 fight live coverage, Punk lost his second UFC fight as well via unanimous decision (30-26). The fight went the distance (3 rounds – total of 15 minutes).

WWE commentator Corey Graves went on to take major shots at CM Punk on Twitter. You can check out his tweets after Punk’s fight below:

Graves then responded to some fan comments and explained why he took shots at Punk. You can check them out below:

You can check out some big shots that Punk took during his UFC 225 fight below:

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani noted Punk was taken to a local hospital in Chicago after his UFC 225 loss for a facial CT scan.

Punk’s coach, Duke Roufus, posted the following on Instagram after the fight:

“We Win as a Team and We Lose as a Team! You can’t deny my friend CM Punk doesn’t have heart. Congratulations to Matt Jackson and his coaches krubobperez and patrickmiletich Thank You Very Much To all the AMAZING #cmpunk Fans for your support! Thank You so much to the #roufusport Nation for All Your SUPPORT”

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