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Current Plan For WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020 Inductees

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• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (July 19, 2000) – WCW Thunder

On this day in 2000, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Thunder’ on TBS.

This episode was pre-taped at the Breslin Arena in East Lansing, Michigan and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW New Blood Rising 2000’ PPV.

The card of the show can be found here:

1. Mike Sanders vs. Crowbar

2. Tables Match: Lenny Lane vs. The Wall

3. WCW Cruiserweight Title: Lt. Loco vs. David Flair

4. Tank Abbott vs. The Great Muta

5. Kronik vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera & Disco Inferno

6. WCW Hardcore Title: Big Vito vs. The Artist

7. Kanyon & Lance Storm vs. Buff Bagwell & Mike Awesome

8. Harlem Heat vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rick Steiner

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• Current Plan For WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2020 Inductees

According to Brad Shepard, WWE is considering Kane and The Big Show for next year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020 inductees:

“According to a source in WWE, Kane and Big Show are early names being internally considered for the #WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020. Keep in mind, this is only a consideration and the final list isn’t complete until mere months before WrestleMania.”

Below are The Big Show’s accomplishments in WWF/E & WCW:

– 2x WCW World Heavyweight Champion

– 3x WCW World Tag Team Champion

– World War 3 Winner (1996)

– 2x WWF/E Champion

– 2x World Heavyweight Champion

– 1x ECW World Champion

– 1x Intercontinental Champion

– 1x United States Champion

– 5x WWF/World Tag Team Champion

– 3x WWE Tag Team Champion

– Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner (2015 – WrestleMania 31 Kickoff Show)

– Triple Crown Champion

– Grand Slam Champion

– 5x Slammy Award Winner

Below are Kane’s accomplishments in WWF/E:

– 1x WWF Champion

– 1x World Heavyweight Champion

– 1x ECW Champion

– 2x Intercontinental Champion

– 9x WWF/World Tag Team Champion

– 2x WWE Tag Team Champion

– 1x WCW Tag Team Champion

– 1x WWF Hardcore Champion

– Money In The Bank Winner (SmackDown brand – 2010)

– Triple Crown Champion

– Grand Slam Champion

– 2x Slammy Award Winner

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