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Current SmackDown Wrestler Once Confronted Triple H For Cancelling His Match Mid-Way

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• Current SmackDown Wrestler Once Confronted Triple H For Cancelling His Match Mid-Way

During an interview with Wrestlezone, legendary Old School WWF referee Mike Chioda talked about an incident that happened in 2015 during a match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Apparently Bryan was booked to win the match, but Triple H (who was at Gorilla position) cancelled the match mid-way, thinking Daniel was legitimately injured and couldn’t continue the match without further injuring himself.

Bryan was pi$$ed and confronted The Game about it backstage.

Here’s the story as told by Mike Chioda:

“The confrontation I remember, he got in with Triple H at the Gorilla position. Daniel Bryan got hurt and they made me call the match.

I kept asking Daniel, I said, ‘Daniel, you okay, brother? You okay?’ ‘I’m good, Chioda. I can finish, I can finish’. I said, ‘You sure?’ I say, ‘He’s alright’, but they cancelled the match when it came from up in Gorilla and I remembered he stormed out so hot.”

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December 21, 1948 – March 7, 2017

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