CWF Championship Wrestling from Florida (1978 – 1983)

CWF 4/21/76
Dusty Rhodes interview – Face paralysis
The Great Mephisto vs Tom Jones
Battle Royal Conclusion
Haystacks Calhoun vs George McCreary. & Jim Dalton
Bill Dromo vs Missouri Mauler
Terry Funk/Missouri Mauler interview
Thunderbolt Patterson & Billy Robinson vs Karl Von Steiger & Roger Kirby
Frank Goodish & King Curtis vs Jerry Brisco & Abe Jacobs
Bob Orton Jr. vs Steve Keirn
Dusty Rhodes interview

•January 25, 1978–Superbowl of Wrestling in Miami, FL at The Orange Bowl: Rocky Johnson vs. Karl Kox ., Ivan Putski vs. Ox Baker, 8-Woman Battle Royal, Chavo Guerrero vs. Tank Patterson, Bobby Duncum vs. Don Serrano, Keith Franks vs. John Ruffin, Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs. The Valiant Brothers for the United States Tag Team titles, Pedro Morales vs. Lars Anderson. Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito, Dusty Rhodes vs. Ken Patera, Billy Graham (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion) ended in a 60:00 time limit draw! (Special Guest referees were Gorilla Monsoon and Don Curtis)..

•February 23, 1978–NWA/WWWF World Title Unification in Jacksonville, FL: Porkchop Cash vs. Randy Brewer, The Fabulous Moolah vs. Vicki Williams, Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tank Patton, Mr. Saito & Mr. Sato vs. Rocky Johnson & Pedro Morales, Ivan Putski vs. The Bounty Hunter, Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. Mike Graham & Terry Gibbs, Eddie Graham & Dusty Rhodes vs. Karl Kox & Bobby Duncum, Bob Backlund (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion) ended in a 60:00 time limit draw!

•October 29, 1978–NWA/WWWF World Title Unification in Orlando, FL: Ali Bey vs. Raul Mata, Prince Tonga vs. Pete Austin, Rocky Johnson & Jimmy Garvin vs. Mr Sato & Mr Saito ., Dusty Rhodes vs. Bobby Duncum in a “Bunkhouse” match, Bob Backlund (WWWF World Champion) vs Harley Race (NWA World Champion)

Championship Wrestling From Florida 10/13/79 – 11/24/79
Collection of matches and highlights from CWF which take place over roughly a six-week span. Includes main angles, title changes, house show footage, etc. recorded from television.
Killer Khan vs. Eddie Graham
Interview: Eddie Graham
Interview: Terry Funk
Florida Tag Team Champions Mike Graham & Ray Stevens vs. Thor The Viking (Scott Irwin) & The Masked Terror
Interview: Manny Fernandez
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Bill Irwin
Clip: Eddie Graham vs. Killer Khan
Florida Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk vs. Manny Fernandez (Orlando 10-21-79)
Interview: Manny Fernandez
Manny Fernandez vs. Terry Funk
Jack Brisco vs. Gestapo
Steve Travis & Raul Matta vs Brian St. John & “Nature Boy” Stanley Lane
Clip:Eddie Graham & Ray Stevens vs. Brian St. John & Stanley Lane (Tampa 10-30-79)
Interview: Brian St. John & Stanley Lane
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs. Raul Matta & Don Serrano
Jos LeDuc vs. Steve Travis
Interview: Jos LeDuc
Jack Brisco vs. Bill Irwin
Interview: Manny Fernandez
Manny Fernandez vs. Chic Donovan
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Gestapo
Interview: Harley Race (Orlando 8-26-79)
Interview: Manny Fernandez
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs. Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada (Tampa 11-13-79)
Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) vs. Raul Matta & Chic Donovan
NWA Heavyweight Champion Harley Race vs. Reggie Parks
Dusty Rhodes vs. Jos LeDuc (Tampa – Bullrope Match)
Interview: Oliver Humperdink & Leroy Brown
Dusty Rhodes / Leroy Brown studio confrontation
Jack Brisco vs. Killer Khan
Promo for Miami 11/28/79 House Show
Interview: Oliver Humperdink, Leroy Brown, Bugsy McGraw
Interview: Dusty Rhodes & Sweet Brown Sugar

•August 3, 1980–The Last Tangle in Tampa in Tampa, FL at Tampa Stadium: Scott McGee vs. Bill White, Jimmy Garvin vs. Bobby Jaggers, Dick Murdoch & Bugsy McGraw vs. Ivan Koloff & Nikolia Volkoff, Dick Slater (Southern Champion) vs. Barry Windham, Jack Brisco vs. Mr. Saito, 7-Woman Battle Royal, Jerry Brisco vs. Alfred Hayes, The Super Destroyer vs. Mr. Florida (Paul Jones), Andre the Giant vs. The Super Destroyer, Les Thornton (NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion) vs. Mike Graham, Bob Backlund (WWF World Champion) vs. Don Muraco, Harley Race (NWA World Champion) vs Dusty Rhodes (Fritz von Erich was the guest referee)

11-07-1981 CWF Wrestling Superstars featuring: (runtime 29:06)
Dorve Roach vs. Gordon Nelson
Chick Donovan vs. Reggie Parks
Cocoa Samoa, David Sierra vs. TV Champ Eddie Mansfield, Buzz Sawyer
Interviews with Bugsy McGraw, The Assassian, Mansfield and Jaggers
Interview with Briscos, Dusty Rhodes
Bugsy McGraw vs. Steve Sybert, Mike Bond

11-21-1981 CWF Championship Wrestling featuring: (runtime 58:09)
NWA World Champ Ric Flair vs. Pat O’Connor
Interview with Ric Flair
Bobby Jaggers vs. Eric Embry
Florida TV Champ Eddie Mansfield vs. Tommy Peters
$5,000 Challenge Match: Jack Brisco vs. Buzz Sawyer
Interviews with Charlie Cook, Eddy Mansfield
Interview with JJ Dillion, Spoiler, Bobby Jaggers
Interviews with Barry Windham, McGraw, Embry
The Spoiler vs. Bubba Douglas
Take 5
Clip of Mr Saito vs. Barry Windham
Interview with Barry Windham
Charlie Cook vs. Mike Bond

3-27-82 CWF Championship Wrestling featuring: (runtime 21:58)
Clips of Ric Flair, Butch Reed
Interview with Ric Flair
Interview with Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen
Dory Funk Jr, David Von Erich, King James Dillion vs. El Gran Apollo, Mr Wrestling II, Butch Reed
Brian Blair vs. Bob Russell
(handicap match) Terry Allen, Bill Snyder vs. Dereck Draper

CWF 3/31/82
Dory Funk Jr. & David Von Erich vs Terry Allen & Brian Blair
VTR: Kendo Nagasaki vs Jerry Lawler
Mike Graham & El Gran Apollo vs Avalanche Tyler & Bob Russell
VTR: Ray Stevens vs Sweet Brown Sugar – TV Title Match
VTR: Ric Flair vs Butch Reed – NWA Title Match
Run In by Dory Funk Jr. & David Von Erich – Wrestling 2 & SB Sugar Save
Eddie Graham presented Fla. St. Flag
VTR: Dusty wins NWA Title from Harley Race
Mr. Wrestling 2 vs Hiro Matsuda

CWF 4/28/82
Clip: Butch Reed Strips Ric Flair
Clip Dusty Rhodes – Kendo Nagasaki Feud
Barry Windham vs Bob Russell
JJ Dillion & Jim Garvin interview
VTR: Chavo Guerrero vs Hiro Matsuda
Chavo Guerrero vs Kendo Nagasaki – (Mike Graham Save)
Hiro Matsuda & Super Destroyer vs Mike Graham & Brian Blair
Dory Funk Jr. & Derek Draper vs Terry Allen & El Gran Apollo
VTR: David Von Erich vs Sweet Brown Sugar-Fla. Title
VTR: NWA President Jim Crockett Holds up Fla. Title
Butch Reed vs David Von Erich

CWF TV Episode from June 1982
Dory Funk Jr vs CWF TV Champion: Sweet Brown Sugar
Andre Peltier vs “Black Ninja” Kendo Nagasaki (with JJ Dillon)
Wahoo McDaniel vs Rick Harris (Black Bart)
Brian Blair vs Bob Russell
“Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs “Greg Simon”
El Gran Apollo & Terry Allen (Magnum TA) vs Don Diamond & Cyclon Negro

CWF 7/28/82
Sweet Brown Sugar vs Derek Draper
Dusty Rhodes vs Terry Funk – Bunkhouse Match
(Nagasaki sprays Terry. Nagasaki & Tonga gang up on Dusty, Dory Jr. Save)
JJ Dillion & John Studd Body Slam Challenge:
Butch Reed vs Bruiser Brody
Reed vs Studd – Reed Beat Down
Bruiser Brody vs Denny Brown
King Kong Tonga & Kendo Nagasaki vs Tommy Wright & Rick Zorta
Take 5 With Steve Keirn
Barry Windham & Terry Allen vs Alabama Chain Gang

CWF 1/1/83 (24/7)
(Clip) (Cage) Dusty Rhodes vs Kevin Sullivan
Clip Sullivan & Robberts
Int Rhodes
Barry Windham vs Randy Barber
Int Barry Windham & Ric Flair
(Clip) Ric Flair vs Barry Windham
Int Apter & Windham
Clip Midnight Rider
Jake Roberts vs Burrhead Jones
Terry Allen vs Mike Jackson
Int Terry Allen & Scott McGee
Int Apter & JJ Dillion
Ron Bass & Rufus R Jones vs Jerry Grey & The Destroyer

CWF 11/18/83
The Saga of The Family: Dillon goes To The Headlock 2 Ranch & Mulligan Shoots at Him
Barry Windham vs Ron Bass – Saddle vs Title
Mike Fever, Denny Brown & Hector Guerrero vs One Man Gang – Holliday buys Guerrero’s service


Classic Florida 1966 -1979 (4 discs)
Disc 1
Dory Funk Jr. Vs. Gene Kiniski (Funk wins the NWA title!) (1969)
Jack Brisco vs. Masa Siato
Lou Thesz vs. Matt Jewel (1966)
Eddie Graham and Joe Leduc vs. Dick Slater and Toru Tanaka (1974)
Jack Brisco vs. Pak Song (1976)
Highlights of the 1977 Florida tag team tournament!
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Missouri Mauler (1978)
Bob Roop vs. Dusty Rhodes (1978)
Jack Brisco vs. Buddy Colt
Cage match: Paul Jones vs. Buddy Colt
Ole and Gene Anderson vs. Rocky Johnson and Tiger Conway Jr. (1978)
Killer Khan vs. Eddie Graham
Terry Funk has an interview with his hair in braids!
Mike Graham and Ray Stevens vs. Bill Irwin and The Terror
Terry Funk vs. Manny Fernandez (Funk loses the Florida title…by mistake!)
Funk has a confrontation with Fernandez. Manny then gets sucker punched and piledriven by Terry!
All this plus much more

Disc 2
Submission match: Dory Funk Jr. Vs. Jerry Brisco (a ton of chaos ensues with Bill Watts, the Mongolian Stomper, Bob Roop and Gary Hart!)
Raul Mata and Jack Brisco vs. Bobby Shane and Bearcat Wright
Paul Jones vs. Tim woods
Johnny Valentine vs. Bearcat Wright
A battle royal
Lou Thesz vs. Johnny Valentine
Hiro Matsuda vs. Bob Orton jr.
Danny Hodge vs. Jerry Brisco
Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk jr. (Lou Thesz is the special guest referee!)
Harley Race vs. Jack Brisco
All this plus much more

Disc 3
Dusty Rhodes vs. The Spoiler
Wahoo Mcdaniel and Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Karl Kox and Bobby Duncum
The Spoiler vs. Paul Ellering
Manny Fernandez vs. Marvin Turner
Sir Oliver Humperdink vs. Bubba Douglas
Steve Keirn vs. Chick Donovan
Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk in an unscheduled brawl!
Bugsy Mcgraw vs. Jim Sheilds
Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito vs. Pedro Morales and Rocky Johnson
Lars Anderson vs. Scott Casey
Killer Khan vs. Ray Candy
Mike Graham and Steve Keirn vs. Spoilers 1 & 2

Disc 4
Wahoo Mcdaniel vs. Bobby Duncum
Steve Keirn rehabs his broken leg
Highlights of the Florida Tag Tourny from 1978
Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito vs. The Masked Marauders
Andre the Giant vs. The Bounty Hunters (handicap match)
Jerry Brisco vs. Bob Roop (excellent match!)
Killer Karl Kox vs. Steve Brody
Koloff and Saito vs. Graham and Keirn
Harley Race attacks Dusty Rhodes while Rhodes is brawling with Kox!
Mike Graham vs. Tully Blanchard
The Sheepherders vs. Sweet Brown Sugar and Bubba Douglas
The Assassin attacks Dusty Rhodes
Dusty brawls with Killer Khan
Harley Race vs. Terry Taylor

Florida 78-79
Brief clips of Rocky Johnson vs Pat Patterson, Ivan Koloff, Joe LeDuc and more.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn v Buddy Roberts & Jim Dalton- this is when Buddy Jack’s career was completely stalled- pre-Freebirds and post-Hollywood Blonds.
Don Muraco vs. Killer Karl Kox, jip- Muraco wins, but Kox pummels him after the bout. Rocky Johnson makes the save.
Joe Leduc vs Ben Alexander jip.
Steve Keirn v Steve Brody
Bobby Duncam & Killer Karl Kox v Jimmy Garvin & Prince Tonga
Ernie Ladd suckers Dusty Rhodes in a crazy angle.
Killer Karl Kox v Mike Hammer, jip.
Magnificent M v Bill Dromo- Steve Keirn unmasks M as Magnificent Muraco. No surprise there, but for some reason Muraco has been shaved completely bald.
Terry Funk v Manny Fernadez, jip. Fernandez wins the Florida title. Funk is at his deranged best as destroys the dressing room.
Terry Funk gets some revenge by suckering Manny Fernandez piledriving and bloodying him up. Manny does a great interview afterward.
Jack Brisco v The Gestapo (Rip Oliver)
Stan Lane & Bryan St. John v Steve Travis & Raul Mata
Ray Stevens & Eddie Graham v Stan Lane & Bryan St. John, jip. Lane and St. John win the Florida tag titles.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn v Don Serrano & Raul Mata
Joe LeDuc vs. Steve Travis – LeDuc sneak attacks Travis and gets the win, but the ref DQs LeDuc for battering Travis after the match.
Jack Brisco v Bill Irwon- Brisco loks great here.
Manny Fernandez v Chick Donovan – Terry Funk runs in and cleans Manny’s clock.
Sweet Brown Sugar vs The Gestapo
Terry Funk vs. Terry Tayor – Taylor wrestles one of his earliest matches against his idol. His given name is Paul Taylor, but he called himself Terry after the Funker. Manny Fernandez has to be restrained from going after Funk.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn v Mr Hito & Mr Sakaruda, jip. Finals of the Florida tag team title tournament. Graham and Keirn win the belts, but are attacked by Stan Lane and Bryan St. John.
Super Destroyer v Raul Mata & Chick Donovan in a handicap match.
Clips of Dusty Rhodes v The Assassin, Ivan Koloff, Missouri Mauler, and Sonny King.
Harley race vs Reggie Parks
Jack & Jerry Brisco v Len Denton & Butch Bronson- Denton had some success as The Grappler and one of the Dirty White Boys.
CHAIN MATCH: Dusty Rhodes v Joe LeDuc, clips. Leroy Brown and Sir Oliver Humperdink help LeDuc triple on Dusty. 2 hours, picture is generally very good.

Florida 78-80 – 2 discs
Disc 1
Dusty Rhodes vs. Killer Karl Kox from 1978- Buddy Wolfe runs in after Dusty, but Wahoo McDaniel evens the sides.
Killer Karl Kox & Buddy Wolfe vs. Barry Orton & Billy Starr from 1978.
Mr Saito & Mr Sato v Tiger Conway Jr & Steve brody from 1978- Brody gets KOed and the heels are destroying Conway, so Wahoo McDaniel comes to the rescue.
Bugsy McGraw vs. Snake Brown from 1980.
Mr.Florida v Super Destroyer jip from 1980. Mr. Florida is Paul Jones, and I have no idea why such a big-name wrestler would wear a mask. Sir Oliver umperdink burns Mr. F’s eye with a cigar.
Jack Brisco & Jim Garvin vs. rank Monte & Geoff Portz from 1980.
Leroy Brown v Luis Astea from 1980.
Dusty Rhodes vs. Mike Hammer & The Grappler – jip from 1979.
Bugsy McGraw & Leroy Brown v Mike MIller & Don Serrano from 1979- Miller got something of a push in Oregon during the 80’s.
Super Destroyer v Carl Fergie from 1979.
Bubba Douglas v Luis Astea from 1979.
Eddie Graham v Killer Khan jip from 1979. Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada run in after Eddie, but Mike Graham and Ray Stevens even the sides. Eddie Graham hits Khan with a chair to get the pin.
Ray Stevens & Mike Graham v Thor the King & The Terror from 1979- Thor is better known as Scott Irwin, aka Super Destroyer and Eric of the Yukon Lumberjacks.
Sweet Brown Sugar v Wild Bill Irwin from 1979.
Sir Oliver Humperdink does an interview in his short-lived “Rooster Humperdink” babyface role, 1980.
Bobby Jaggers & RT Tyler v Mike Davis & Billy White Cloud from 1980.
Dory Funk Jr breaks Dusty Rhodes’ arm with a chair, 1980.
Dory Funk Jr v Dusty Rhodes, clips from 1980. Our hero Dusty wrestles with a broken arm, Rooster Humperdink throws in the towel for him, and we have a new Florida champion.
Baron von Raschke clamps the clawhold on Bugsy McGraw.
BUNKHOUSE MATCH: Dusty Rhodes & Bill Watts v Terry & Dory Funk Jr, clips from 1979. The Funks complain about the tactics Dusty uses.
Dusty Rhodes clobbers Joe LeDuc with a cast.
Terry & Dory Funk Jr v Jaques Rogeau & Steve Travis from 1979- Rougeau wrestles under the name Jerry Roberts.
Eddie Graham v Killer Khan from 1979- this is the same match as shown earlier in the tape- sorry about that- but it’s the complete version.
Disc 2
Steve Keirn v Bobby Duncam from 1978. Killer Karl Kox and The Spoiler join Gordon Solie to do commentary. Imagine my surprise when I saw the heels leave the desk to attack Keirn.
Killer Karl Kox vs Ron Sexton from 1978.
Dusty Rhodes v Bob Bruggers & El Sano in a handicap match from 1978.
Rocky Johnson is interviewed, and his resemblance to his son (Duane Johnson / The Rock) is striking.
RT Tyler v Reggie Parks from 1980.
Rocky Johnson v Terry Gibbs from 1977.
Ivan Putski shows up and sings. Gordon Solie seems sincere in his discomfort and attempts to stop this.
Steve Keirn & Jim Garvin v Mr Hito & Mr Sakaruda, jip from 1979.
Steve Keirn & Jim Garvin v Bill & Scott Irwin from 1979.
Sweet Brown Sugar v Mike Hammer from 1979. I think Mike Hammer and Mike Boyette are the same person.
Joe LeDuc v Genichiro Tenryu from 1979- Tenryu is billed as a sumo wrestler.
Killer Karl Kox v Pete Austin from 1979
Dick Slater & Killer Karl Kox v Mr Saito & Mr Sato clips from 1979. Slater turns on Kox.
Ivan Putski v Steve Brody from 1978- Ivan Koloff attacks Putski, but gets warded off.
Killer Karl Kox & Bobby Duncam v Hiro Matsuda & Barry Sharp from 1978. Dusty Rhodes cuts up Duncum’s cowboy hat, then tries to take Sharp’s place in the match. This leads to Rhodes brawling with the two heels.
A workout with Magnificent Muraco and Mr. Siato from 1980.
Bugsy McGraw v Frank Monte, 1980.
Ivan Kolloff v Hector Guerrero, 1980.
Gordon Solie attacked! Sir Oliver Humperdink goes nuts and roughs up the legendary Solie! (1980)
Mike Graham v Diablo #1, 1980- Humperdink’s gang attacks Graham.
Dick Slater v Raul Mata from 1978.
Ernie Ladd v Chic Donovan from 1979.
Leroy Brown v Snake Brown from 1979.
Manny Fernandez v Killer Khan from 1979.

Florida 78-81
Wahoo McDaniel v Bobby Duncam from 1978- Wahoo wins in seconds.
Steve Keirn rehabs his broken leg.
Highlights of the Florida Tag Team tournament, 1978, with brief clips of the opening round matches.
Jack & Jerry Brisco v Mike Graham & Steve Keirn, clips from 1978. This is the semi-final match for the Florida Tag Title tourney. It goes to a draw, eliminating both teams,
Ivan Kolloff & Mr Saito v Masked Marauders clips from 1978. This was supposed to be the semi-final, but it’s now the final as the Briscos and Graham / Keirn were eliminated. To me, that’s great booking- you create heel tag champs with two strong babyface teams in contention.
Mike Graham & Steve Kerin v Mr Siato & Mr Sato from 1978. Good match. I think Sato went on to become Kabuki. The heels attack Hiro Matsuda after the match.
Andre the Giant v The Bounty Hunters in a handicap match. I think this was from the mid-1970’s.
Jerry Brisco v Bob Roop from 1978. Good match! Brisco wins the TV title from Roop.
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn v Spoilers 1 & 2- highlights of two seperate matches from 1978.
Spoilers 1 & 2 v Tiger Conway Jr & El Rio from 1978.
Dusty Rhodes vs. Spoiler 1, clips from 1978. Killer Karl Kox’s interference costs Dusty the Southern title.
Killer Karl Kox v Steve Brody from 1978.
Ivan Kolloff & Mr Saito v Mike Graham & Steve Keirn, jip from 1979- Koloff and Siato win the Florida tag titles.
Joe LeDuc & Pak Song v Cyclone & Omar Negro from 1979- Sonny King ties Cyclone in the ropes while LeDuc and Song give Omar a beating. Song’s offense is horrendous.
Rocky Johnson v Rising Sun from 1978.
Harley Race attacks Dusty Rhodes while Rhodes is brawling with Killer Karl Kox (1978).
Mike Graham v Tully Blanchard from 1981. This was originally supposed to be Graham v Dory Funk Jr, but Tully challenges and slaps Graham before that bout. Good match, Dory interferes to no avail.
Dory Funk Jr attacks Charlie Cook (1981).
Charlie Cook v Bill Snyder from 1981.
The Sheepherders v Sweet brown Sugar & Bubba Douglas from 1981.
The Assassin attacks Dusty Rhodes. Assassin was one of the greatest, nastiest heels ever.
Jack Brisco v Mike Hammer from 1979.
Bugsy McGraw v raul Mata from 1979.
Dusty Rhodes brawls with Killer Khan (1979).
Harley Race v Terry Taylor jip from 1980.

Florida 79-80 – 2 discs
Disc 1
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn v Masked Terror & The Gestapo – Terror is unmasked as Gordon Nelson. Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada attack Graham & Keirn.
Jack Brisco vs. The Avenger, clips. I have no idea who Avenger is, but he’s not portrayed as a generic masked jobber.
Bugsy cGraw vs Jack Poor
Nikolai Volkoff v Don Serrano
Uvalde Slim v Super Destroyer – Uvalde is Dusty Rhodes, who put on the Slim mask whenever he wanted to be a really bad boy. The Slim One wins in seconds.
Steve Keirn v Rip Oliver
Mike Graham v Raul Mata
Magnificent Muraco v Ted Marshall
Bobby Jaggers vs Roger Smith
Cocoa Samoa vs Wild Bill irwin
Terry & Dory Funk Jr vs Jack & Jerry brisco in a brief unscheduled brawl.
Killer Karl Kox vs Vern Siebert
The Spoiler & Iron Mike Sharpe v Eric Embry & Tim Horner
The Sheepherders v Mike Bond & Bill Snyder, jip. The Sheeps maul their foes until Jack Brisco throws in the towel. The Sheeps then destroy Jack until his brother Jerry makes the save.
Eddy Mansfield vs Tommy Gilbert, clips. Mansfield wins the TV title with an assist from Bobby Jaggers.
Assassin 1 v Cocoa Samoa
Bobby Jaggers & Cowboy Lang v Tommy Gilbert & Little Tokyo
Jerry Lawler is featured in a video.
Jerry Brisco vs Les Thornton in a good old-style match.
Dusty Rhodes & The Assassin sign a contract for Assassin to challenge Rhodes for the NWA. Of course, Rhodes gets attacked.
Buzz Sawyer v Ray Hernandez – this match features Hercules Hernandez (just “Hercules” in the WWF) in one of his earliest bouts.
Bobby Jaggers v El Gran Apollo
Disc 2
Jack Brisco v Killer Khan
Super Destroyer v Dave Bruno
Bugsy McGraw v Luis Astea
Manny Fernandez v Raul Mata
Leroy Brown v Don Moore
Ernie Ladd v Ted Marshall – Ladd has a very funny confrontation with Gordon Solie after the match.
Magnificent Muraco & Mr Saito v Barry Windham & Reggie Parks
Steve Keirn v Butcher Brannagan
Nikolai Volkoff & Leroy Brown v Don Diamond & Mike Miller- check out the outfit Nik comes to the ring with.
Bubba Dougla vs Luis Astea
Magnificent Muraco v Barry Windham – Muraco destroys Windham in one of Barry’s earliest bouts. Windham is stretchered out.
Mr Saito v Terry Taylor in one of Taylor’s earliest matches.
Leroy Brown v Sweet Brown Sugar, brief clips. Brown wins the Southern title.
Highlights of the 1980 Florida tag title tournament won by Barry Windham and Scott McGhee. Barry is 20 years old here, and he’s as thin as a rail.
Dick Slater & Bobby Jaggers v Reggie Parks & Gordon Nelson- good match. Slater refuses to release Parks from the figure four, which brings Dusty Rhodes and Jack Brisco into the fray. A great brawl ensues from there where Jaggers busts Dusty open with a loaded elbowpad.
Jack Brisco v Geoff Portz
Bugsy McGraw v Ted Marshall
Mr Saito v Hector Guerrero
Ernie Ladd v Terry Taylor

Florida 81-82 – 2 discs
Coco Samoa/Eric Embry vs The Spoiler/JJ Dillon
Butch Reed vs David von Erich
Funks/David von Erich vs. Reed/Skip Young/Don Diamond
Eric Embry vs. Iron Shiek
Funks vs. Diamond/Embry
Jack Brisco vs. Buzz Sawyer
Dory Funk Jr vs. Eric Embry
David von Erich & Dory Funk Jr vs. Cyclone Negro & El Gran Apollo
Jack & Jerry Brisco vs. David von Erich & Dory Funk Jr (NORTH AMERICAN TAG TITLE CHANGE)
Troy Tyler & Cyclone Negro vs. Apollo & Embry
Tommy Rich vs. Jumbo Tsurata
Eric Embry vs. Cyclone Negro (TAPED FIST MATCH)
Mr Wrestling II vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Dillon/Draper/Tyler vs. Blair/Russell/Apollo (ELIMINATION)
Kerry von Erich vs. Skip Young (INC.)
CLIP: Ray Stevens vs. Skip Young
Funks vs. Briscos
Funks vs. Mike Graham & Steve Keirn
Jerry lawler vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Ron Ritchie vs. Ron Diamond
Brisco’s vs. Onita & Fuchi
Funks vs. Brisco’s
Killer Karl Kox vs. Chan Chung
Kox/Dave Sierra vs Chung/Spoiler
Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk
Bobby Jaggers vs. Killer Karl Kox
Mike Sharpe vs. Don Diamond
CLIP: Dusty Rhodes/Dick Murdoch vs. Killer Khan/Tiger Toguchi (JAPAN)
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Chavo Guerrero
Butch Reed vs. David von Erich (INC.)
Skip Young vs. David von Erich
Mr. Wrestling II vs. Jimmy Garvin (LOSER LEAVES)
Reed/Young vs. D Funk Jr/Nagasaki
Blair/Apollo vs. D Funk Jr/Nagasaki
CLIP: Bruiser Brody vs. Terry Funk (JAPAN)
Barry Windham vs. David von Erich
Brian Blair vs. Kendo Nagasaki (CONFRONTATION W/ Eddie Graham vs. Nagasaki)
David von Erich vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Mike Graham vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Blair/Young/Reed vs. Funks/Garvin (INC.)
Alabama Chain Gang vs Barry Windham & Terry Allen

Florida Wrestling 1981/82
Reed/Rhodes vs. Studd/Brody CAGE,
Graham vs. Funk jr.,
David Von Erich,
Lots more. Nice tape, captures a great time in Florida Wrestling History with lots
of interesting angles and action.

Florida 1982 (Goldmine 6)
(Florida – 1982)
Kendo Nagasaki v. Jerry Grey
Scott McGhee v. Tommy Wright
Barry Windham v. Jake Roberts
Tommy Wright & King Kong Tonga v. Bruce Reed & Sweet Brown Sugar
Barry Windham v. Jim Garvin
Angelo Mosca v. Tommy Wright
Terry Allen v. Jerry Grey
Terry Allen & Scott McGhee v.. Tommy Wright & The Texan
Rufus R Jones v. Jerry Grey
John Studd & Jim Garvin v. Barry Windham & Brian Blair
Kevin Sullivan v. Tommy Wright
Kevin Sullivan & Jake Roberts v. Scott McGhee & Jerry Allen
Barry Windham v. Tommy Wright
(WWF – 1985)
Tito Santana v. AJ Petruzzi
Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo v. Rene Goulet & Moondog Rex
(Georgia Championship -1981)
Ivan Koloff v. Jimmy Powell
Buzz Sawyer v. Ken Hall
Matt Bourne v. Hamilton
Ivan Koloff v. Ken Hall
Tom Prichard v. Jimmy Powell
The Samoans v. Jimmy Powell & McKenzie
Abdullah the Butcher v. Jimmy Powell
The Great Kabuki v. Zane Smith
Buzz Sawyer v. Randy Mulley
Pat Rose & ??? v. Brad Armstrong & Tito Santana
(Mid Atlantic – 1981)
Ivan Koloff v. Ron Ritchie

Florida Wrestling TV 1982 plus 70’s Florida handhelds
Butch Reed vs. John Studd,
Florida Wrestling TV 1982 plus 70’s Florida handhelds
Butch Reed vs. John Studd,
Rhodes/Terry Funk vs. Nagasaki/Tonga,
Barry Windham vs. Jake Roberts,
Jim Garvin,
interviews, more.
8mm footage has commentary from Gordon Solie and includes
Ernie Ladd vs. Crusher Verdu,
Don Muraco vs. Bill Watts,
Superstar Graham (WWWF Champion) vs. Harley Race (NWA Champion) in a 2/3 falls bout.

Florida 81-83
Mike Graham vs Tully Blanchard
Dusty Rhodes/Bugsy McGraw vs. Assassin 2/Ox Baker
Sheepherders vs. Charlie Cook/Cocoa Samoa
Buzz Sawyer vs Cocoa Samoa
The Spoiler vs Bill Synder/Eric Embry
Bobby Jaggers vs Eric Embry
Graham/Cook vs. David von Erich/Dory Funk Jr
The Spoiler vs Wahoo McDaniel
CLIP: Ric Flair vs Mke Graham
CONFRONTATION: Ric Flair vs. Butch Reed
Ric Flair vs Terry Allen
Brian Blair vs Derek Draper (Ed Wiskowski)
Skip Young vs. David von Erich
CLIP: Kendo Nagasaki vs. Dick Murdoch
Ric Flair vs Barry Windham
CONFRONTATION: Mark Lewin/Kevin Sullivan vs Dusty Rhodes
Midnight Rider vs Lucifer (mask vs mask-cage)
Kharma (Gene Lewis) vs. Mike Graham
Kendo Nagasaki vs. Billy Jack Haynes
CLIP: Mike Rotunda vs. Ron Bass
Barry Windham vs Ron Bass
Reed/Young vs. Draper/Dory Funk Jr
Barry Windham vs. Skip Young
Brian Blair vs. Kendo Nagasaki (CONFRONTATION W/ Eddie Graham vs. Nagasaki)

Florida vol. 15: Handheld footage 1982-84
Silent film highlights including –
Dusty Rhodes vs.Terry Funk
Dick Slater
Blackjack Mulligan vs. Kendo Nagasaki
Dusty Rhodes vs. One Man Gang (Chain match),
Ric Flair vs. Billy Jack Haynes (NWA title),
Ric Flair vs. Pez Whatley (NWA title),
Kevin Sullivan
Art Barr
lots more.
Not all clips have finishes.

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