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D-Von Dudley On How Hulk Hogan Stood Up For Him In TNA

D-Von Dudley

• D-Von Dudley On How Hulk Hogan Stood Up For Him In TNA

During a recent Q&A session at Pro Wrestling Junkies, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley discussed his time in TNA Wrestling, how “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan stood up for him, his dream singles opponent & more.

Below are the highlights:

On Hulk Hogan having his back in TNA:

“I know sometimes Bully likes to take credit for all the TNA fame and all that. Here’s the deal – when we were in TNA and I did have that singles run, nobody down there believed I could do it.

They gave Bully the rocket and let him go sky high, but he was also in the production meetings and was able to persuade them a little more. I wasn’t in those meetings. I had to fight for everything.

To have Hulk Hogan take a stand and ask, ‘Why the hell aren’t we doing something with D-Von? He’s doing everything right’ – for Hogan to come out and do that said everything right there. TNA made a whole bunch of promises, but of course didn’t keep it up.”

On his dream opponent in a singles match:

“In a singles match [my dream opponent] would be Hogan. It would have to be Hogan. I was such a huge fan of his. I idolized the man and he’s the reason why I got into this business.

I remember him cutting a promo saying, ‘You know something, Hulkamaniacs, one day you little Hulksters are going to wind up getting big saying your prayers and taking your vitamins and you’re going to have to get in the ring with me and I’m going to take you out, brother!’

I remember seeing that and telling my grandmother at the time, ‘I’m gonna be that kid!’”

On the stipulation for his Dream Match with Hogan:

“For the stipulation to the match, though, it would have to be barbed wire. I know the man is definitely afraid of barbed wire, so that means it’s an easy win for me. A lot of people just don’t know how to act when you add barbed wire, thumb tacks and fire, too.”

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