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“Daniel Bryan Is The Biggest Bully In WWE” – Ryback

During WWE Network’s “Table for 3”, Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback (who at one point was portrayed as a bully on WWE Programming) noted that Daniel Bryan is the biggest bully in WWE.

Ryback noted that he wanted to impress Brock Lesnar by showing him how big and muscular he is, but Bryan & Cody Rhodes told the locker room that Ryback took Cialis to impress Brock Lesnar. Ryback said he has had enough with them and stopped riding with them due to this reason.

Below is what Daniel Bryan said:
“I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the night Brock Lesnar came in and Ryback said he needed to impress Brock Lesnar. Ryback legitimately said he needed to impress Brock Lesnar, so he was going to take a Cialis to show him that he was a man.”

Ryback replied the following:
“I said it sarcastically, like, ‘I want Brock to see how big I am’.”

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