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Daniel Bryan Reveals His Favorite WWE Match

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• Daniel Bryan Reveals His Favorite WWE Match

During a recent appearance on My Mom’s Basement podcast, former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan was asked what’s his favorite match from his WWE career.

Bryan picked his match with Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

Bryan noted that he was happy that he lost, as he didn’t have to do media appearances the very next morning because he dropped the WWE Championship to Kingston.

Here’s what Bryan said:

“My favorite match in my WWE career is my match with Kofi at WrestleMania 35. It’s so special and such a cool moment. One of the things that I love is it’s Kofi winning at the end.

WrestleMania 30, my shoulder is horrible, I hurt my neck, I have this horrible pain down my arm and I have to get up and do media the next morning.

Everyone comes up to you and are like ‘congratulations.’ There’s a lot of responsibility. When I wrestled Kofi, everyone goes to Kofi and says congratulations to him. I get to have my moment with him and be like, ‘Hey man, thanks. That was awesome.’

Then, I get to hug my wife and daughter and go home the next day. Kofi is the one who has to do media and deal with people congratulating him.”

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