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Daniel Bryan Says He’ll Officially Retire If the Next Doctor Doesn’t Clear Him

During a recent interview with, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan was asked about his health and if he’ll ever return to in-ring action in WWE.

Bryan said that he’ll officially retire from Professional Wrestling if the next neurologist he meets doesn’t clear him to wrestle. Below is what Bryan said in the interview:

“One neurologist who specializes in concussions — who was the neurologist for the Super Bowl last year — cleared me with no limitations. All my testing came back excellent,” he said. “But the WWE’s medical doctor [Joe Maroon] is sceptical, because of my history of concussions and that sort of thing. So they will not clear me. They’re going to send me to a third doctor at some point in the near future and that doctor will decide my fate.”

“The WWE doctor Joe Maroon [is] amazing and highly respected in the concussion field, and if they send me to a third neurologist who’s also highly respected in the concussion field and they say literally no…well, then is it really smart to go against two doctors? I get all fired up…and then I’m like, maybe that’s not the best thing for me and my family going forward.”

Daniel Bryan also noted that he’s open to working on-screen non-wrestling roles in the WWE. It’s quiet possible that Bryan might end up becoming a trainer if he retires.

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