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Daniel Bryan Talks About His Future In Pro-Wrestling

During a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan addressed his future in Professional Wrestling.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

Is your Wrestling career over?
“I don’t think it’s over. WWE will bring me back at some point, but not any time soon. I thought it would be a year or two. And actually, in my mind, I was thinking, well, this gives me an opportunity to make more money on the independents, like, just the demand will be more.”

Would you continue to wrestle until you can no longer physically do it?
“No, so this is the issue. So I don’t know if you’re up on your Total Divas, but Brie [Bella] really wants to have a baby. And so, I think, when their [Bella Twins] contracts are up, I know Nikki [Bella] still wants to keep wrestling. Brie would like to [keep wrestling], but she’s ready to have a baby and I’m also ready to be a father.

You know, like, as far as things that are important in my life, and that sort of thing. The battle has been with this, that, between the two of us, is not whether we want to have babies now – it’s whether or not, like, there is this struggle of whether or not I would want to be on the road while having a child. If I can keep wrestling after we have our first baby, I probably should and the deal is that I’m passionate about wrestling. I love wrestling.”

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