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Daniel Cormier Reveals What Dana White Said When He Asked Permission To Work WWE Extreme Rules

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• Daniel Cormier Reveals What Dana White Said When He Asked Permission To Work WWE Extreme Rules

Former UFC 2-Division (Light-Heavyweight & Heavyweight) Champion Daniel Cormier will make his WWE debut at this Saturday’s Extreme Rules 2022 premium live event.

He will act as the Special Guest Referee for the Fight Pit match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle.

During an interview with ESPN, Cormier revealed that it was Rollins who contacted him to see if he was interested in this role, not WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H.

Cormier also revealed UFC President Dana White’s reaction when he asked permission to work this upcoming WWE event.

Below is what the UFC Hall Of Famer said:

“So it wasn’t really from the people in charge. It was Seth Rollins, he texted me goes, ‘Real-life fighting in the Fight Pit and we may be in the market for a special guest referee, would you have any interest in it?’

So I said, ‘Yeah, I’d be interested in doing it. I think that it’s fun. I think that what you guys have done has been a pleasure to watch. I think it’s gonna be intense, I think that I can add to the story,’ because the reality is all you’re trying to do is add to the story, right?

These guys that are professionals, they’re gonna make magic as they have done on so many occasions. So hopefully, I can add a little bit to what they’re doing in there.

I said I’d be interested and put them in contact with my agent and then it just so happens that his wife and I shared the same agent. So it worked.

I called Dana right away. He was like, ‘Dude, you in the WWE? How could I say no?’ He was like, ‘I would never say no to you in the WWE. I know how much you enjoy it.’ I enjoy it.

So yeah, they were all for it, man. UFC is all excited. I mean, honestly, and gave me permission to say UFC, you know, so I know that we don’t say different organizations. I will say UFC every time I’m out there.”

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