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Dark Side Of The Ring Episode On WWF Veteran Will Send Shockwaves

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Dark Side of the Ring composer Andrew Gordon Macpherson was interviewed by Wrestlingnewsco and revealed that the July 4th episode of the ongoing 4th season of VICE’s famous show – which will be the Marty Jannetty episode – is going to send some shockwaves.

Marty Jannetty had some controversies online a few years ago, when he told a story about the situation of a girl he wanted to sleep with, but wasn’t sure if she could’ve been his biological daughter, … or another time, when he claimed to have murdered a gay man many years ago, who tried to harass him.

WWF Legend Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake also said in an old shoot interview, that The Rockers used to spike the drinks of their ring rats quite often.

After those stories and multiple others that mostly covered Marty being intoxicated in some way, shape or form; we have every right to be curious about what else the Jannetty episode of Dark Side of the Ring is going to reveal in addition to those.

Here’s what Macpherson said:

“Marty Jannetty is amazing. I’ve only seen a rudimentary version of the Marty Jannetty episode. I haven’t seen it with reenactments.

I haven’t seen the final version, but they spend a good deal of time with Marty in the episode and his closest friends and people who have known him for a long time.

You get a very intimate portrait of who Marty is then and now and what sort of others think of some of his controversies then and now.

It’s going to send some shockwaves through.”

VICE is currently airing the 4th season of Dark Side of the Ring every Tuesday.

Here’s the remaining schedule:

– Tuesday 6/13: Adrian Adonis

– Tuesday 6/20: Doink The Clown

– Tuesday 6/27: The Junkyard Dog

– Tuesday 7/4: Marty Jannetty

– Tuesday 7/11: Bam Bam Bigelow

– Tuesday 7/18: Abdullah The Butcher

– Tuesday 7/25: Bash at the Beach 2000

– Tuesday 8/1: The Graham Family

WATCH: Brutus Beefcake accuses Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty of spiking female fans’ drinks:

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