Old School

5. Termination of Scott Hall

Scott Hall was known for his aggressive alcohol and drug problems throughout the years, to the point where he has entered and left rehab on numerous instances.

This problem in fact, got him fired from the WWF, as he was put with enough blame for the entire trip being rowdy.

Hall apparently immediately got drunk upon seeing the open bar and passed out fairly quickly due to the alcohol. His actions and the fact that he was the first to get drunk was the catalyst for the misbehaviour, and for his termination from the company.

4. Ric Flair flashing flight attendants

Ric Flair is a stellar drinker and if there is one wrestler that is renowned for drinking, it’s the Nature Boy. He got so rowdy on the flight that he decided to undress into nothing but his ring robe, and attempt to get lucky by flashing his genitals to the female flight attendants. Classic Flair.

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