Old School

3. Goldust serenading Terri

Dustin Runnels had also been drinking that day, and decided to hijack the planes intercom system to sing songs. However, not to the entire plane, but specifically to his ex-wife, Terri Runnels.

He had been separated and then divorced from Terri for three years, and the alcohol may have made him notice the error of his ways, and began serenading his ex-wife.

The love songs did not last long, as Jim Ross settled him down, however the damage was done, Dustin was humiliated and was put in the dog-house by WWF until his contract expired the next year.

2. X-Pac cutting Michael PS Hayes’ Hair

Michael PS Hayes had garnered himself a lot of heat over the years, essentially burying talent and causing stirs due to him being in a position of power. People seemed to generally dislike him, yet he stayed employed.

On YouTube you can find X-Pac and Justin Credible tell the story of X-Pac cutting Hayes’ hair. After Hayes was knocked out by Bradshaw, X-Pac decided to play a prank on Hayes, who wasn’t very good friends with X-Pac.

While he was unconscious, X-Pac retrieved some scissors and completely cut Hayes’ 2002 ponytail to a massive plane pop. Rumour has it that the following day during Raw, X-Pac taped it onto the wall in the Gorilla Position, much to Hayes’ dismay.

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