Old School

1. Mr. Perfect vs. Brock Lesnar

Boys will be boys. With both being from Minnesota, Lesnar and Perfect had established a friendship with each other in Brock’s near-two month stint in the WWF so far.

With the rocket already strapped to Brock Lesnar, he needed to be careful not to publicly mess up, seek backstage heat, or embarrass the company that was grooming him as ‘The Next Big Thing’.

Also being both experienced amateur wrestlers, Perfect and Brock decided to have a small tussle to decide who was the better amateur grappler. With Perfect being described as ‘competitive’ and with Brocks impressive physique, the tumble turned into a fight, that got heated quickly.

At one point, the two men were shoving each other onto the emergency exit door of the plane. At this point, the fight was ripped apart and due to this, Mr. Perfect was terminated from his contract, having only just returned to the company a little over three months earlier.

No blame was put onto Lesnar’s part as he was still given his push, whereas Mr. Perfect passed away within the year.

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