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Dean Ambrose Getting Main Event Push?

With John Cena taking time off from WWE after Hell in a Cell PPV, WWE has plans for Cena’s replacement at WWE Live Events.

John Cena won’t be working any Live Event until December 30 and Dean Ambrose is expected to work the main events until then. So, Cena’s hiatus is forcing WWE to push Dean Ambrose to the main event status.

Dean Ambrose main evented 3 PPVs this year – Payback, Elimination Chamber, and Money in the Bank. He was the #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at all 3 PPVs. He was involved in the Fatal-4 Way World Title match at Payback, singles match for the WWE World Title at Elimination Chamber (where he won the title but referee reversed the decision), and at Money in the Bank in a WWE World Title Ladder match where Rollins defeated him fair & square.

With that being said, it is quite possible that Ambrose & Cena face off at Hell in a Cell 2015 for the United States Title and Cena dropping the title to Ambrose. However, there were rumors that Dolph Ziggler might be feuding with Cena for the US Title (with regards to the story on Total Divas where Ziggler says he still has feelings for Nikki Bella). There feud might have begun last night when Ziggler accidentally superkicked Cena.

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