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New WWE Champion To Be Crowned At Battleground 2016? Big Title Rematch Planned For SummerSlam 2016 Main Event, Brock Lesnar Silences The Critics Who Said He Can’t Take A Punch, Zack Sabre Jr. To Win WWE Cruiserweight Classic?

Let us take a look at the top 8 WWE News & Professional Wrestling stories of the hour:

8. Daniel Cormier Says Brock Lesnar Should Be WWE Champion
During an interview after last night’s UFC 200, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (who is also a big Pro-Wrestling fan) said that Brock Lesnar should become the WWE Champion soon. Below is what he said:

“I think I’d make him more unbeatable. In WWE they call him the ‘conqueror’, the ‘beast incarnate’, you know, he can’t be beat. I’d make him more unstoppable now, because he just did something that I’m not sure anyone else over there can do. He came in and beat a top ten heavyweight, so you just make him more unstoppable. I say to hell with Randy Orton, and throw the belt on him again, because it legitimizes it because of what he did tonight.”

7. Will Paul Heyman Return on Raw? Update on Nikki Bella’s Return

Many fans are wondering if Paul Heyman would return on this week’s Raw to speak on Brock Lesnar picking up a big win at UFC 200. Word is that Heyman won’t be appearing on Raw as he will be in the UK for his one man shows with Inside The Ropes.

Speaking of returns, it looks like the longest reigning Divas Champion Nikki Bella’s in-ring return might be coming soon as she noted on Twitter that her final CAT scan is coming up in a few weeks.

Should Nikki Bella have a run with the WWE Women’s Title when she returns? Vote below!

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