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Details Of The Rock’s WWE Contract Revealed

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving The Rock and Paige VanZant.

• The Rock’s WWE talent contract has surfaced as an exhibit to WWE’s annual report filed in February, shedding light on some of its terms. While certain parts of the contract are redacted, including several schedules, due to confidentiality reasons, some key details have been revealed.

One notable aspect is a provision allowing Dwayne Johnson, subject to WWE’s approval, to enlist “third party service providers” for assistance in developing concepts, scripts, and storylines. WWE has agreed to reimburse 7 Bucks, Johnson’s production company, for the costs incurred from such service providers. Interestingly, the contract specifies engagement with one individual, the name of whom is redacted.

As previously disclosed, Johnson receives $30 million in TKO equity transferred to him periodically as part of the agreement. However, it remains unclear if his entire compensation is guaranteed in the event of termination. This aspect, along with other undisclosed details, could potentially distinguish Johnson’s contract from typical WWE talent agreements, which often include a minimum guarantee but allow for termination by the company with notice.

Furthermore, the contract outlines restrictions on the use of Johnson’s intellectual property, name, and likeness by WWE. Certain products, such as pop-up ads, political advertisements, and those related to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, pornography, and medical products, cannot feature Johnson’s branding without his written approval.

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• Despite former UFC fighter Paige VanZant’s absence from AEW programming, she remains listed on the talent roster.

VanZant joined AEW in March 2021 following appearances on Dynamite, despite previous interest from WWE. She chose AEW due to its atmosphere and her desire to maintain non-exclusive contracts, allowing her to continue ventures like OnlyFans and bare-knuckle fighting.

Her in-ring debut occurred at AEW’s Double Or Nothing PPV in 2022 as part of American Top Team, alongside Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, against Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti, and Frankie Kazarian. However, this marked her final appearance for All Elite Wrestling.

Speculation arose regarding her status with AEW as she remained listed on the talent page on the official company website. The Wrestling Observer clarified that although she’s still listed, she is no longer with AEW, suggesting she opted out of pursuing a wrestling career:

“Even though she’s on the roster, she’s not with AEW anymore. She decided she didn’t want to be a wrestler. If she wanted to be a wrestler, she would still be there.”

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