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Diamond Dallas Page On How He Ended His Heat With Ric Flair

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During a recent episode of Chris Jericho’s weekly podcast “Talk Is Jericho”, WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page talked about his heat with fellow Old School Legend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and how they eventually solved it and squashed their heat after Ric retired from WWE in 2008.

Here is what DDP told Y2J and the listeners about that topic:

“Me and Naitch during my career and stuff and even afterwards, there was this tension, and I always loved the Nature Boy.

About 10 or 12 years ago, whenever they dropped all the balloons for him when they retired him, I was watching it. I’m like, man, I never wanted to have this tension between me and him because I grew up loving that guy.

So we’re both doing a signing in Jersey, and of course, he comes in the green room. He’s swarmed by people, and I wait until everybody’s gone. And when he’s done, he’s like, ‘Hey Diamond!’ I’m like, ‘Hey Naitch, can we talk for a second?’

He goes, ‘Sure.’ So we walk off to the side, and I say, ‘You know Naitch, I know over the years me and you have had a little bit of heat together.’ He’s like, ‘Oh Diamond, don’t worry about that.’ I’m like, ‘Naitch, I’m not worried about it. Bro, I want to fix it. I don’t know what happened. I know that I’ve said some sh*t. I know you said some sh*t. The last thing I want to do is be in this spot. Man, I love the Nature Boy. I would just love to start all over again,’ and I put my hand out, and I said, ‘I’m Diamond Dallas Page.’

And he grabbed me, and hugged me, kissed me on the forehead and God bless you. I really felt like this is the beginning.

Me and Naitch started to really bond and then when Dusty passed, we both were in Tampa, and we both stayed at a hotel that was way out of the way.

And I didn’t know that, until I walked into the place and got something to eat with Brenda at the time, and he came over and talked. And that night, we hooked up for dinner.

We had a great time, and I know I never really thanked him the way I thanked Macho and all the guys before. I mean, I thanked him, and I was super respectful when he put me over for the World Title, which was a huge deal for me. That night, I feel like Dusty put us together.

I was going to get into it that night, and I literally thought to myself, nope, I’m gonna wait until the Hall of Fame and say it in front of everybody because a lot of people know if you read his book. We both were busting each other’s chops quite a bit, but that sh*t had ended from that day moving forward.

And when I got up there and got to give my acceptance speech, and I got to the Nature Boy. And I said, ‘Man, that day that I stepped in the ring with you and Hulk and Sting, you put me over with the Diamond Cutter in the middle.’

I said, ‘Man, I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate that and it’s not lost on me that that moment right there put me one step closer to this podium and I just want to thank you Naitch.’ And that took us to a different level.

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