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Did John Laurinaitis Talk Brock Lesnar Into Doing Shooting Star Press At WrestleMania 19?

During Brock Lesnar’s appearance on Stone Cold’s Podcast on the WWE Network, Austin brought up Lesnar main eventing WrestleMania 19 back in 2003 and his botched shooting star press on Kurt Angle. Austin noted that Brock is lucky as hell that he’s fine.

Brock Lesnar said he was talked into doing that move and he wasn’t comfortable in doing it. Lesnar noted that he did the move before, he could do it then but he shouldn’t have done it. Lesnar says someone told him that it would be one hell of a WrestleMania moment. However, Lesnar didn’t reveal who talked him into doing that move.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the person who talked Brock Lesnar into doing the Shooting Star Press on that night was John Laurinaitis.

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