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Doink The Clown’s Family Sues WWE

WWF Golden Era

The family of the late Matt Osborne, who is best known as being the first and longest-running professional wrestler to portray the character of Doink the Clown, filed a lawsuit in Dallas, Texas on Friday against WWE.

Below is what’s stated in the lawsuit:

“When forced to acknowledge the risks to which it subjects its wrestlers — by script, on a daily basis — WWE took inadequate steps to correct the problem or to address its injurious conduct, the full consequences of which are still coming to light. Indeed, WWE continues a course of conduct designed to mislead its wrestlers, and designed to mislead Matthew Osborne until his death, about the injuries they sustained while wrestling for WWE by failing to disclose pertinent facts or offering misleading truths.”

His family claim that Osborne experienced “traumatic brain injuries” that resulted in “depression and drug abuse, which ultimately resulted in his untimely death.” Osborne was found dead on June 28, 2013, when he accidentally overdosed himself with morphine & hydrocodone. He also suffered from heart disease, which was a contributing factor in his death.

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