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“Don’t be such a prick. Grow up” – WWE Hall Of Famer To Bret Hart

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The turbulent end of Bret Hart’s illustrious wrestling career was a focal point in the second episode of “Who Killed WCW”, where the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer once again targeted Goldberg. Hart’s criticism stems from a severe concussion he suffered due to a botched kick by Goldberg at WCW Starrcade 1999. This injury ultimately forced Hart to retire from professional wrestling.

During the documentary, Goldberg defended himself, stating he had warned Hart about the impending kick. However, the rapid pace of the match left Hart unprepared, leading to the unfortunate injury. Goldberg’s reputation as an unsafe worker has been a recurring theme in Hart’s criticisms over the years.

In a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Goldberg addressed Hart’s ongoing criticism, expressing his sadness over the situation and urging Hart to move past the incident:

“The Bret Hart thing just saddens me as a human being. First and foremost, I would never wish ill will upon any opponent or anyone like that. To have an accident like that happen and end someone’s career, especially someone who’s, you know, one of the best that ever was, 100%. It sucks.

I’m not asking anybody to understand it. I’m just saying, just leave me alone. Yes, sir (I did warn him the kick was coming). Put your hand up. Do whatever you got to do, man. It is what it is. Come on, man. I love you, Bret. Don’t be such a prick. That’s all. Grow up.”

Goldberg’s comments highlight his remorse and the ongoing tension between the two wrestling legends. Despite Goldberg’s plea for reconciliation, Hart’s feelings about the incident and its impact on his career remain deeply entrenched.

On “Who Killed WCW?”, Hart didn’t hold back in his assessment of WCW’s management and operations. Reflecting on his tumultuous stint with the company, Hart described the environment as chaotic and filled with incompetence.

“I was a very good witness to the madness that was WCW. I’ve got lots to say about it,” Hart stated. “What a bunch of idiots. Imbeciles. Stupid as it gets. Stupid, clueless idiots. Bunch of clueless nuts. Is there anybody here that’s got any brains?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Every day, every night. So stupid. Just really stupid. The biggest cutthroat bunch of conniving back-stabbing idiots you’ve ever seen in your life.”

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