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“Don’t ever do that again. She is a woman” – Vince McMahon To Kurt Angle After Match With Chyna

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• “Don’t ever do that again. She is a woman” – Vince McMahon To Kurt Angle After Match With Chyna

On an episode of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’, which is a new weekly podcast hosted by Kurt Angle & Conrad Thompson, Kurt told a story of when he punched Chyna in the face a few times to cover up for a botched spot, and got heat from WWF Chairman Vince McMahon.

Here’s what Angle said about the incident that took place during the famous Attitude Era:

“I was okay with working with Chyna. She was actually very good in the ring, and she knew the basics. She was very basic but very, very effective. I enjoyed working with her.

The issue I had when I was wrestling her is, you know, Vince didn’t want anybody to punch her. And we were wrestling. Even though it was a quick match, I kind of messed up on a spot. To fill the messed up spot, I started punching her in the face. I punched her about four times to cover up the spot, and then we continued on.

When I got backstage, Vince was like, ‘What the hell are you doing punching a woman?’ I said I didn’t know, you know, I messed up on a spot, and I had to cover it. He was like, ‘Don’t ever do that again. She is a woman.’

I said, ‘Then why is she wrestling the guys? I don’t understand that.’ He said, ‘Well, she is a woman, you have to protect her.’ And I did, you know, when I hit her with the title, I didn’t want to mess up her face. I blocked it with my hand instead of hitting her with the title and just tried to protect her the whole time.”

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