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Drew McIntyre On What Happened When He Met The Undertaker For The 1st Time

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• Drew McIntyre On What Happened When He Met The Undertaker For The 1st Time

With 30 Years of The Undertaker celebration going on in WWE, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recalled an old story featuring him and The Deadman.

McIntyre was wrestling Sheamus during his WWE tryout and The Undertaker was at ringside with someone and Taker suddenly started laughing, and this haunted McIntyre for years.

Here’s what McIntyre said:

“They started laughing, as we were in the ring, wrestling. The thought going through my head was, ‘Oh my goodness, The Undertaker is laughing at how terrible I am. This is the worst day ever.’

Years later, I learnt that they were taking about anything else but what was going on in the ring.

So that’s why from that day forward, when I was with WWE, whenever I was at ringside and the extras were in the ring, they were trying to get an opportunity to be a part of WWE, I never laughed once, because I remember the feeling that The Undertaker thinks I’m terrible.”

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