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Drop In Attendance Number For AEW’s Return To Daily’s Place

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AEW has carved out a rich history in Jacksonville, Florida, where the company’s founder, Tony Khan, also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. The city holds a special place in AEW’s narrative, as it was here that they announced their inception. However, despite the deep-rooted connection, recent attendance figures at their homestead, Daily’s Place, seem to be a cause for concern.

A Pandemic Haven

Daily’s Place played a pivotal role in AEW’s journey during the pandemic, serving as the company’s home venue and witnessing numerous memorable moments in its history. As AEW gears up for the new year, plans are in place for a return to Daily’s Place. However, the current outlook suggests a notable decline in attendance compared to previous events hosted at this venue.

Concerns Over Capacity

WrestleTix highlighted some concerning statistics for AEW’s upcoming show on January 10th at Daily’s Place. While there are 587 tickets available for purchase, the more worrying factor lies in the capacity AEW has chosen to set up for this event.

Current Setup and Tickets Distribution

As of the latest update, the current setup for the event accommodates 2,511 seats, and the number of tickets distributed stands at 1,924. The decision to utilize less than half of the amphitheater’s 5,500-seat capacity raises questions about AEW’s confidence in drawing a substantial audience for this particular show.

Historical Context For Ticket Sales

It’s worth noting that the amphitheater at Daily’s Place is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide an optimal viewing experience for all attendees. In the past, events like Fight For the Fallen in July 2019 saw an impressive attendance of 5,000, showcasing AEW’s ability to attract a substantial live audience.

Looking Ahead

As AEW embarks on the new year with ambitious plans, including a return to Daily’s Place, the current ticket sales scenario prompts speculation about the factors influencing attendance. Whether it’s a reflection of changing fan interest, ongoing concerns related to the pandemic, or other variables, AEW may need to reassess its strategies to ensure continued success in its home city.

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