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“Vince McMahon is a piece of s–t” – Goldberg On Undelivered Promise

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Goldberg has noted in the past that he had a handshake agreement with Vince McMahon to give him a proper retirement match.

However, with Vince no longer running the creative process, it looks like Goldberg isn’t going to get his retirement match in WWE, since WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H is focusing on the current talent.

During an interview on the Steven & Captain Evil podcast, Goldberg called out McMahon for not delivering what he was promised and called him a piece of sh*t.

Here’s what the WCW Legend said:

“Vince is like Dana White. He’s the big boss and he makes everything happen, and in all honesty, he gave me the opportunity to put my wife and son on the front row and gave me the ability to perform again in front of them.

So, I owe him everything, until we went to Saudi Arabia and he asked me to put Roman Reigns over, and I had COVID.

I remember calling him from my house and said, ‘Listen, here is the deal. I’ll do it if you give me a retirement match’. I did what he asked.

As a performer, I was 56 years old. As a human being, you’re conscientious about how you look in a bathing suit, especially two months prior to being in that bathing suit, you couldn’t work out because you had COVID.

I put myself in a horribly sh*tty situation to get what I wanted to, but to satiate him and give him what he wanted. Problem is, he never held up his bargain. Vince is a piece of sh*t as far as I’m concerned.”

Goldberg’s last match to date took place at the Elimination Chamber premium live event in Saudi Arabia in February 2022, where he lost to Roman Reigns in a Universal Championship match.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been very adamant about not letting this match be his final match.

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