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Dustin Rhodes Fires Back At A Fan For Insulting Brandi Rhodes For Posting A Revealing Photo

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Former WWE Ring Announcer Brandi Rhodes (wife of WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes) recently posted a revealing photo on Twitter and wrote the following:

“If you’ve got time to hate, then you’ve got too much time 💋”

A fan commented the following under this photo:

“How you gonna explain this to your kid? That 40 year old mom is doing photoshop pictures for teenage wrestling geeks?”

Dustin Rhodes fired back with the following response to this fan:

“How bout f**k off.”

Speaking of Brandi, she recently tweeted the following about her husband defeating “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at Backlash:

“My husband is covered in blood and it’s not his. Praise Him 🙏🏾”

After Lesnar brutally assaulted The American Nightmare on this week’s RAW, Brandi tweeted:

“Gonna sick Yeti and Pharaoh on that mother f*cker.”

The rematch between Lesnar & Rhodes will take place in Saudi Arabia on May 27th at the Night Of Champions 2023 premium live event.

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