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Dustin Rhodes Reacts To Brock Lesnar Beating Up Cody Rhodes In Front Of Cody’s Mother On RAW

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Last night’s episode of RAW kicked off with Cody Rhodes calling out Brock Lesnar.

Brock’s theme music hit, but he didn’t come out. Brock’s music hit again and Cody decided to go backstage to look for him, and The Beast attacked Cody with a Steel Chair.

Lesnar hit Rhodes with the F5 on the floor, right in front of Cody’s mother at ringside, and locked in the Kimura Lock multiple times.

The Beast then accepted The American Nightmare’s challenge by shouting the following:

“Challenge accepted. I’ll you see you at SummerSlam, b*tch.”

Cody’s half-brother Dustin Rhodes / Goldust was watching this segment and tweeted the following:

“So proud of my brother!! He is shining bright! ❤️ ya Codeman @CodyRhodes”

Dustin later tweeted he would’ve helped Cody against Brock if he was still in WWE:

“If I could I would. Everyone knows I still have gas in the tank. Codeman’s got this. 🖕🏼 Brock”

A fan then posted a video of Brock beating up Dustin & Cody on RAW in 2014, and wrote:

“No, not everyone knows you still have gas in the tank, even if we assume you do, you wouldn’t stand a chance against Brock Lesnar in a real fight + also in scripted scenario in pro wrestling because you will always be a jobber standing next to Brock Lesnar, logic and history testify to this 👇🏻”

Dustin Rhodes currently wrestles in AEW, a promotion that he joined in 2019 because of Cody.

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