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Shawn Michaels Reacts To The Kevin Nash – LA Knight Situation

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We recently reported that Kevin Nash referred to current WWE SmackDown Superstar LA Knight as a rip-off of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

At first, Nash said he isn’t going to apologize for his comments, but he later did.

Below is what Nash said on the latest episode of his podcast:

“If LA Knight, if the people, if he’s the chosen one, if he’s the people’s champion, then he’s the people’s champion, it doesn’t f**king matter to me.

If his segments do a number and that f**king helps the WWE, which I’m a stockholder, and it makes my buddy, f**king Paul’s life easier, then f**k, get over dude.

It was just one of those things where I don’t watch SmackDown, so dude, I didn’t know who the f**k you were and I apologize. But some of us that are in professional wrestling actually watch sports, watch film, occasionally read a book.

I do other things besides watch wrestling. There’s 394 hours of wrestling on television a week. I just can’t do it.”

During an interview with SK Wrestling, current NXT booker Shawn Michaels said the following about Nash’s comments:

“Kevin Nash has always given his opinion on stuff. Guys got opinions on lots of people. Every wrestling fan does. You’re absolutely allowed to have them, as Kevin’s allowed to have his.

We can all agree or respectfully disagree. I don’t know that LA Knight has any problem with what Kevin Nash says or anybody else.

I know [LA Knight] as somebody that we very much enjoyed working with here in NXT. Nobody’s happier to see him thriving and doing well on the main roster more than I am, and so we here at NXT are very proud of all the men and women that got brought up in the Draft.

Obviously very excited about that. It speaks well of NXT, and it speaks well of what the Performance Center has done for the WWE.”

LA Knight wrestles professionally since 2003 and was best known for his 2015-2019 run with IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake, where he was a World Champion, before he joined WWE in February 2021.

A lot of experts see him as a future World Champion in WWE and possibly even the #1 babyface of the company at some point.

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