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Let us take a look at the top 8 WWE News & Professional Wrestling stories of the hour:

8. Titus O’Neil’s New Possible Gimmick
It looks like Raw Superstar Titus O’Neil has a new gimmick now, “The Titus Brand”. Before his match with Sami Zayn on Raw, Titus introduced the fans to his new Brand.

Titus noted that this brand is taking over everything from fashion, to music, to movies because everything is Titus. It also promoted the hashtag “#MakeItAWin”.

He went on to lose to Zayn on Raw after Zayn delivered an Exploder Suplex followed by a Helluva Kick.

Titus then held a post-match press conference which was only attended by Tom Phillips. Titus noted during the conference that Zayn didn’t defeat Titus, but Titus defeated Titus. You can watch it below:

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