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Edge Reveals If He Liked His Live Celebration With Lita In 2006

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In a recent interview with CHEK Media, Adam Copeland, renowned in the wrestling world as WWF/WWE Legend Edge, candidly shared his relief regarding the industry’s departure from sensationalized segments of the past, notably referencing the notorious live s*x celebration with Lita on the January 9th 2006 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW. Copeland, a veteran of the sport, emphasized that such segments, once commonplace, no longer align with the current trajectory and standards of professional wrestling.

Reflecting on the evolution of wrestling culture spanning several decades, Adam didn’t shy away from discussing his involvement in the infamous live s*x celebration segment during his earlier wrestling career. Acknowledging the inappropriateness of such content even at the time, he admitted a sense of discomfort with its portrayal.

In the interview, Edge asserted that today, armed with experience and confidence, he would unequivocally decline participation in such segments if they were proposed to him. He highlighted his belief in his capacity to contribute more meaningfully as a performer, leveraging his storytelling prowess and performance skills to engage audiences without resorting to sensationalist gimmicks.

Expressing gratitude for the industry’s growth and evolution away from sensationalized content, Copeland underscored wrestling’s capacity for learning and adaptation. He praised the industry’s progress, emphasizing its alignment with societal expectations and values. This shift, he believes, has propelled wrestling in a positive direction, leaving behind outdated practices that often relied on shock value.

Here’s what the Rated-R Superstar had to say:

“Well Adam Copeland now would say no to that. But Adam Copeland then was like, ‘I guess this is part of the gig, this is what I got to do.’ Knowing even at the time, even with time differences or anything like that, it’s like, ‘Well, this sucks,’ and it did. It really did.

Now I have the confidence in myself, confidence as a performer. To know ‘nah I don’t gotta do that. I bring more than that to the table.’ I can do more with my eyes than I can with trying cheap stuff like that. So that’s nice that the industry has grown from that because yeah, it’s easy to go for low-hanging fruit.

I think that’s one thing that wrestling did a lot of, and thankfully I think has learned its lesson. I think as society has progressed, as everyone has just kind of progressed and moved forward; I think thankfully, it has too, which wasn’t always the case. It could kind of be the outlier who was left lagging behind, but I feel like now it’s different, and in a good way.”

Indeed, contemporary professional wrestling has pivoted towards prioritizing coherent storytelling and high-quality in-ring action over the titillation of the past. Edge’s sentiments reflect a broader sentiment within the industry—a commitment to authenticity and substance over superficial spectacle.

As wrestling continues to evolve, guided by voices like Adam’s, it appears poised to embrace a future where storytelling prowess and athletic prowess take center stage, leaving sensationalism firmly in the past.

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