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Edge To Be Sting’s Retirement Match Opponent In 2024?

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WCW Legend ‘The Icon’ Sting recently announced that he will wrestle his final pro wrestling match at the AEW Revolution 2024 pay-per-view.

Ever since that announcement took place, the wrestling world has been discussing who his retirement match opponent should be. Some went as far as to say Ric Flair, who was most certainly the greatest opponent in Sting’s entire career, but let’s face it, The Nature Boy doesn’t have another match left in him at this point, especially after almost died in 2017 and Ric’s final match in 2022 didn’t go too well either, as he passed out twice during that match due to dehydration.

During a new episode of ‘Wrestling Time Machine’, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long had the following to say about Sting’s potential retirement match opponent:

“For him to step away – and that’s a thing a lot of guys need to learn too: you got to know when to take the cape off, man, I’m telling ya. Sting understands now, what’s his age? 64/65 Years old? Why not enjoy the rest of your life? I think his last opponent, the guy that just stepped in there; I’d like to see him with Adam Copeland (Edge).”

On his very own podcast, NWA/WCW Veteran Kevin Sullivan stated that he feels like Sting should lose in his retirement match.

Here’s what The Taskmaster had to say:

“This is going to sound silly to a lot of wrestling fans. Did Ali win his last fight? Did he win his last two fights? If you want to start sucking people back to the other side, you can lose on the decision. I think in his last seven fights, he never got a knockout and it didn’t hurt him because people still remember him being Ali.

Actually, it made him bigger than he was, because he came out of the dressing room, Parkinson’s, with a lot of health issues, but he gave it the ‘All-American’ try. ‘God bless him’.

It really doesn’t matter who wrestles Sting. Whoever goes over, whether it’s Darby winning or somebody else, it’s going to raise the other guy’s popularity. Then when they go to embrace Sting, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.”

Sting wrestled for Jim Crockett Promotions (NWA) / Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) from 1987 until AOL Time Warner sold the company in March 2001.

He then chose not to join the World Wrestling Federation. He signed with Total Nonstop Action! (TNA) instead, where he became a full-time Superstar from 2006 until 2014.

The Icon finally joined WWE and made his debut at the 2014 Survivor Series PPV, but had to retire from active pro wrestling after an injury at the Night of Champions 2015 pay-per-view.

By the time he was cleared to wrestle again, his obvious dream match opponent The Undertaker retired. Sting then cut all ties with WWE and decided to join Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in December 2020.

Sting is currently undefeated in AEW.

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