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How Big Show Survived Falling Off The Building At WCW Halloween Havoc 1995

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At the WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 pay-per-view, The Giant (Paul Wight aka The Big Show) lost a ‘Sumo Monster Truck Match’ to Hulk Hogan, and seemingly (kayfabe) fell of the roof of Cobo Hall, an arena near the PPV location (Joe Louis Arena) in Detroit, Michigan.

Despite falling off such a building, which would’ve obviously killed a person, The Giant not only showed up for the main event later on the show as if nothing had happened, but also managed to defeat The Hulkster for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

During a recent ‘Battleground’ interview, Paul Wight had the following to say:

“We did that on that night on the roof of Cobo Hall, the monster truck battle. I had wrestling gear and wrestling boots under a firesuit. That’s all I had on. You had to wear a fire suit in those monster trucks because of the high test gasoline.

What they don’t tell you is that your pant legs aren’t secured to the bottom of your boots, the whole open under compartment of those monster trucks is just air. It was like minus 20 degrees out. I was frozen inside of that monster truck suit, Hogan was freezing, I was freezing.

We get to the battle on the wall. I fall off the wall, I drop about 30 feet into an airbag.

In the time of my career then, ‘falling into an air bag, cool.’ If you tell me now, ‘You’re going to fall three stories into an airbag,’ ‘No, I’m not. You’re out of your mind.’ I had never fallen into an airbag before. What if I land on my head?

We do the whole thing because they’re making me this giant mythical character. I went to Kevin Sullivan, who was the booker, and I said, ‘Kevin, I fell off the roof of Cobo Hall, should I be dirty or wet because I fell into the water?’ I’m into character like it’s a movie. It’s pro wrestling.

Kevin looks at me and goes, ‘Brudda, you’re a giant, it doesn’t matter’, and he walks off.”

The ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ first wrestled for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as The Giant from 1995 until he left and joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1999 and became known as The Big Show.

He left the (renamed) WWE in 2007 but returned the next year in 2008 and stayed loyal to the company until he left for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in 2021.

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