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Eric Bischoff Says Chris Jericho Used WCW As A Stepping Stone To Get To WWF, WWE Going For A “3 Out Of 5” Storyline On SmackDown Live?

Chris Jericho - Undisputed WWF Champion

Eric Bischoff Says Chris Jericho Used WCW As A Stepping Stone To Get To WWF

During a recent appearance on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff was asked about Chris Jericho leaving WCW for WWF and if he wanted Y2J to stay with WCW. Below is what he said:

“I tried really hard to keep Jericho. I offered Chris a lot of money; I did everything I could to keep Chris, but Chris was determined to leave WCW because he really only used WCW as a stepping stone to get to WWE, and once he used it as a stepping stone to come to WWE, there wasn’t anything I could have done realistically, I don’t think I could have kept Chris Jericho in WCW.

I’d’ be lying if I said that I recognized that type of talent back then, but I didn’t. I knew he was a great talent and I wanted to keep him, but we had Bill Goldberg, we had Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting; we had a pretty deep main event level roster, and I didn’t see at the time how I could have broken Chris into that category within the time frame that he wanted to be in it; I just couldn’t do it. I hated seeing Chris Jericho go, I really did.”

Former WWE Champion Questions If Top SmackDown Live Star Will Ever “Get There”

During a recent edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, former WWE Champion Edge & Christian talked about Shinsuke Nakamura losing to WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at Hell In A Cell 2017. Below is what they had to say about this:

Christian: I think it was in a tough spot. It’s kind of hard. I mean, it’s the world title match. It should be able to follow anything. Yeah, it’s just I think when it’s on a card like that, it’s just put in a tough spot when you have a guy in Nakamura, like we talked about before, who is still trying to find his way to what he can be and he’s not quite there yet, but we’ve seen glimpses of it. And I think it was just kind of a tough spot.

Edge: It’s strange with Nakamura, man, because, like you’ve said, we’ve seen his matches with AJ Styles in New Japan Pro Wrestling and everything. With Randy Orton, I’ve seen it. But that match too, man, I really loved that match and after that, it’s like, anything else is going to be tough to live up to.

I mean, maybe Nakamura will “get there”. Maybe. Who knows? It’s a different beast entirely. People can blame it on booking, this, that, or the other. I don’t know. I think it’s weird. It just goes to show how different places to wrestle are completely different environments.

WWE Going For A “3 Out Of 5” Storyline On SmackDown Live?

During an edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz talked about the rivalry between former NXT Champion Bobby Roode & former World Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Taz thinks WWE is going to do a “3 out of 5” storyline between them and below is what he said:

“Last night Ziggler got a victory on Bobby Roode. So it’s like he got even in that sense …you know… a roll-up victory got even from the victory that Roode had on him previously. So I felt like these two guys when I first laid eyes on this angle a couple weeks ago and I talked to you guys on air about it.

I said a three out of five of these cats will be big. If you go the route with these two cats and you’re already starting to tease it. It feels to me a three out of five is coming.

You got to get into a three out of five. It just smells like it. It would work with these guys. You’re gonna get longevity. Let them stay in their angle with each other. Don’t let anybody else be in the angle with these two guys.

It could really be something cool. They’re both so good in the ring. They’re both really good on the mic. They both look great. They’re in that same generation, the age bracket and what not.

I just think it’d be money and to me it’s whoever came up with the idea ,Vince or Triple H or Stephanie or one of the writers whoever it was, of putting these two together and doing the entrance gimmick that they started it with… you know… I love this angle. I love the storyline. It’s a B story right now, maybe C, I don’t know. I think it should be a lot more.”

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