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“Everything CM Punk did was disastrous because…” – Mick Foley Comments On The Post-All Out 2022 Incident

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• “Everything CM Punk did was disastrous because…” – Mick Foley Comments On The Post-All Out 2022 Incident

After winning the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley in the main event of All Out 2022, CM Punk took shots at Hangman Page, Young Bucks & Kenny Omega during the post show media scrum.

Later, he started a fight backstage, which resulted in everyone involved getting suspended.

According to WWF Legend Mick Foley, what Punk did was counterproductive. Below is what the WWE Hall Of Famer said:

“Anything that takes away from the joy and this prestige of winning that Title is counterproductive.

So if Punk is on camera and he’s not filled with joy, and he’s letting bitterness and anger come out, I think that detracts from the Title.

Everything Punk did was disastrous because it put Tony Khan in a bad position. Punk I believe was hurt and would have probably been out. It put a lot of eyeballs on the product the next night. That’s a given. It was just really unfortunate. You don’t want to see that side of your superstars.

I know when I held that Title aloft when I beat this guy (The Rock) for the WWE Title, I never thought I was a WWE Title guy. So I never based my career on it the way that a lot of people have, but I remember that feeling of just utter joy.

I moved pretty good for a big guy when I ran my two or three laps around there and then gave it the impromptu promo. I can’t imagine going backstage and being angry or bitter or taking the joy out of the experience for our fans.

I didn’t see Punk’s promo in its entirety, but it put Tony Khan in a bad position. There’s a time and a place maybe to play with emotions, and if you have something substantial that can make people feel strange in their gut, but not after a Title win. I just didn’t like seeing it.”

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• Old School NWA Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 81st birthday of Old School Wrestling Legend Jack Brisco (Real name: Freddie Joe Brisco).

Jack Brisco became a 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion when he defeated Harley Race in 1973 and Giant Baba in 1974.

But for most of his career Jack formed a Tag Team with his real life brother Gerald Brisco and together they wrestled as “The Brisco Brothers”.

During the 60s, 70s & early 80s they toured the territories and wrestled for promotions like Georgia Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions and Championship Wrestling from Florida.

They also held minority interests in Georgia Championship Wrestling, which they used (in addition to Jim Barnett’s vote) to overrule Ole Anderson and sell the company and their weekly “World Championship Wrestling” TV show to Vince McMahon in 1984. The infamous “Black Friday” followed, when McMahon and the WWF were seen on TBS.

The Brisco Brothers also joined the World Wrestling Federation that year but retired a few months later in early 1985.

In 2008, both brothers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by John “Bradshaw” Layfield.


September 21, 1941 – February 1, 2010

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