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Extreme Rules 2018 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 5

Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley Extreme Rules 2018

This is part 5 of our Extreme Rules 2018 Live Coverage (check part 4 here).

Up next is the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. Daniel Bryan makes his way out first and is sporting a “Team Hell No” T-Shirt.

We don’t get a Kane entrance next. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers come out next. For those who missed it, Harper & Rowan brutally attacked Kane & Bryan backstage earlier in the night and Rowan injured Kane’s leg with his hammer.

The match begins without Kane and Bryan & Rowan start the match. Harper tags in and Bryan locks in the Yes Lock on Harper, but Rowan breaks it up.

After some back & forth action, Kane’s music hits and he makes his way out while wearing a ‘medical walking boot’.

Bryan tags in Kane and Kane delivers some big right hands to Harper and nails Chokeslams on both Harper & Rowan one by one.

Kane is looking to hit a Tombstone Piledriver on Harper, but Harper attacks Kane’s injured leg. Kane tags in Bryan and Bryan hits a flying dropkick on Harper.

Bryan is now hitting Harper with the YES! kicks. Rowan tags in, but Bryan doesn’t notice it. Rowan catches Bryan with a Kick to his face.

The Bludgeon Brothers hit their finisher on Bryan and pin him to retain their Titles.

The Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. Team Hell No to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Titles

The Bludgeon Brothers remain undefeated as Tag Team Champions.

We now see “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns backstage and he is approached by the new RAW Tag Team Champions The B-Team and they offer Reigns to join their team, but place a stipulation that he must beat Bobby Lashley tonight.

Up next is Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley. This match was originally expected to be tonight’s main event, but that’s not what’s happening.

“The Big Dog” Roman Reigns makes his way out first to a huge reaction. Bobby Lashley is out next. The match begins and Lashley gets the upper hand in the beginning through his amateur wrestling skills.

Reigns connect with an elbow and Lashley is shaken by it. Reigns nails a Drive By on Lashley and the match is in his control now.

The action now reaches outside the ring and Reigns drives Lashley into the barricade multiple times. Reigns tries to throw Lashley into the Steel Steps, but Lashley jumps and lands on top of the steps, but Reigns immediately pushes him off them. Reigns is now successful in throwing Lashley into the steps.

Reigns & Lashley are now trying to hit each other with the Steel Steps, but Lashley counters and nails a big clothesline. Lashley nails a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex on Reigns in the ring.

Reigns comes back into the match with a flying clothesline. Lashley now nails a Powerslam on Reigns!

Reigns hits an Attitude Adjustment on Lashley straight on the outside and Lashley’s head hits the floor in a nasty way!

Lashley comes back into the ring in time and is between the ropes, but Reigns hits a Leg Drop. Reigns goes for the Superman Punch, but Lashley catches him and nails a Spine Buster!

Lashley now nails a Vertical Suplex and goes for the pin, but Reigns kicks out at 2.5!!!

Lashley is now looking to connect with a big time Spear, but Reigns connects with a Superman Punch! Reigns goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out just before 3!

Lashley hits a Belly to Belly overhead suplex on Roman on the German announce table! Lashley throws Reigns into the ring and is climbing the top rope, but Reigns nails a Superman Punch!!!

Reigns shouts “My Yard” and goes for a Spear but Lashley connects with a Spear of his own and pins Roman Reigns!

Bobby Lashley def. Roman Reigns

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