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“F*** you, you piece of sh*t! You lying motherf***er” – Mantaur To Bruce Prichard

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• “F*** you, you piece of sh*t! You lying motherf***er” – Mantaur To Bruce Prichard

Mike Halac most famously wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation in 1995 as Mantaur, but everywhere else (mostly in Europe and in ECW), he was known as Bruiser Mastino.

In 1996, he returned to the WWF as Goldust’s bodyguard that didn’t have an actual name on television, during Goldust’s feud against The Ultimate Warrior.

A year later, Mantaur was brought back as Tank, a masked member of The Truth Commission in WWF’s developmental promotion, the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) in Memphis.

Right before they were called up to WWF TV, Mike was fired because Bruce Prichard told him he failed a drug test.

Here’s how the former Mantaur told the story during an interview on Hannibal TV:

“We got on TV and out of nowhere they f**king drug test me. And they know that I’m a pot smoker and they weren’t testing at that time. And it was really funny because they give me the cup, I test it and they didn’t even check the f**king test.

I walk out of the f**king testing room and Bruce Prichard is right there and he wasn’t even talking to the tester, he was like ‘You failed a drug test, we’re gonna have to let you go.’

I said ‘What? How the f**k you know I failed the drug test? You didn’t even talk to nobody.’

He said ‘I don’t need to talk to anybody. You failed the drug test. Get your things and go.’

I said ‘You know what, Bruce?’, I said ‘F**k you, you piece of sh*t! You lying motherf**ker! You are worthless!’ I said ‘After all the f**king hard work I did here’, I said ‘fine, I’ll take my f**king money and I’ll go home, but f**k you!’

And I went home and that was it.”

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January 1, 1968 – December 19, 2003

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